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Perfect Accent Gift Tree in 7 red cachepot

Perfect Accent Gift Tree in 7" red cachepot

To help you bring the beauty of nature indoors for the holiday season, we offer this Dwarf Conifer with its lovely, blue-green foliage, an appealing feature that's soft to the touch. The potted, live tree is slipped into a 7", red ceramic cachepot that's handsome and durable. Whether you choose to create a formal mantlepiece arrangement or use them as individual accents around a room, these festive trees are the perfect complement to traditional or contemporary decor. To keep your tree looking its best, place it in a cool area away from direct sunlight. Full instructions for care included (gardeners in Zones 5-6 may wish to give their dwarf tree a permanent location outside in spring). Stands approximately 20" tall.

Chamaecyparis is a small genus native to North America, Taiwan, and Japan that includes important timber trees as well as some particularly valuable garden subjects. All are evergreen, but their leaves are minute scales pressed closely on tiny branches that remind one of fans. Provide moist, well-drained soil.

Dwarf is a relative term applied to plants, and it does not always mean miniature. Some of the Dwarf Needle Evergreens grow fairly large over the years, but compared to the species with which each variety is associated, those we offer are indeed dwarf, for most remain under 30 feet under cultivation. Some of their parents reach 120 feet or more. All of the dwarf forms can be contained by judicious pruning, or by planting them in restricted soil areas ? a crevice of a rock garden, for example, to hold them to size by constricting their root systems.

One great value in placing Dwarf Evergreens in a border is that they do not defoliate in winter. A further feature is the wealth of different-colored foliage. They range from sea-greens to very dark greens, from shades of yellow to golden to beige, and are tantalizing as they change with the season. Dwarf Evergreens also make fine specimens for the terrace or patio when grown in containers. They also make unusual foundation plants.

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Perfect Accent Gift Tree in 7" red cachepot

Sold out.

Quick Facts

Common Name: False Cypress

Hardiness Zone:
 1-11 S / 1-11 W

 Learn about hardiness zones


Height: 6-8'

Exposure: Full Sun

Ships as:  Nursery Pot & Cachepot

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