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Down on the Farm -- A Hole in the Weather -- Use it!
Spring bulbs in our display gardens

Shop our offering of spring-flowering bulbs in our online catalogue.
Shop our offering of spring-flowering bulbs in our online catalogue.

We're offering a new mix of Large-Cupped Daffodils for Naturalizing this year.
We're offering a new mix of Large-Cupped Daffodils for Naturalizing
this year.

Dear Gardening Friend,

Summer ended with a cold shower where we live. A hot, still August hatched out into a wet, windy (up to 75mph in Litchfield) start to September. It was a tough patch for those living near rivers. Because we farm on high ground, the 12 inches of rain received in nine days served mainly to fill the ponds, refresh the trees, and soften the ground for planting. With bright cool fall weather now at hand, the kids back at school, and the politicians hoarse from shouting at each other, there is an excellent opportunity to get going on that most agreeable rite of autumn, the selection and planting of spring-flowering bulbs.

Our offering of bulbs is among the finest in this country, since we have the benefit of 6 decades of experience, plus a long collaboration with a family-owned firm in Holland that both knows and grows bulbs better than anyone in the industry. Our offering comprises 300 varieties from among 22 genera, all top-sized bulbs selected, graded, imported, re-graded, stored, packed, and delivered with the kind of care that guarantees superb performance. These bulbs are incomparably better than the slender selection found at many garden centers and discount stores. Not only can you get the best varieties and the best quality bulbs, but you also get the best value because you get more blooms for more years. To take a look through our list, please click here AFTER reading the rest of this message.

Amaryllis in the garden.


We take a good deal of pride in our offering of Amaryllis, which benefits from the contributions of the top three breeders in Holland. Our list includes a total of over 40 varieties, all grown to a premium size that guarantees a truly extraordinary display. We are especially pleased this year to offer limited quantities of the five newest selections, which will be considered for our 2012 Holiday catalog. These exclusive varieties are only offered here for a limited time, and we recommend pre-ordering now. The pictures, which we took in Holland, tell the tale. As you surely know, there is nothing that can brighten up a winter day like the silky trumpets of an Amaryllis in full bloom.

Our friends in milder climates have encouraged us to pay more attention to the possibilities with Amaryllis grown outdoors in the ground. This practice serves to add a dramatic, and largely carefree, presence to the spring garden anywhere that the frost doesn't penetrate deeply. The picture above suggests how charming the results can be. While we cannot be experts, it's our understanding that all varieties will prosper, but that the smaller flowered strains are better suited for locations exposed to wind, this for obvious reasons.

Like most flowers, Amaryllis do not look well in a garden when planted by ones and twos, and in larger numbers, odd numbers are generally preferable. To make this approach more appealing, we are offering two new collections of bareroot bulbs. One includes five bulbs, the other nine bulbs, our selection of mixed colors. Planted in a sunny, well-drained spot on 8-12 inch centers, they will give you quite a show in midspring. If you prefer a simpler approach, our Amaryllis can be purchased individually or in multiples of three. Northern gardeners, please watch for our January newsletter, which will feature Amaryllis for spring planting.

Old-Time Peony Collection


Three of the most popular garden plants MUST be planted in the fall -- Peonies, Tall Bearded Iris, and Oriental Poppies. These breathtaking beauties are available here in abundance and will, if planted this fall, mount a stupendous display next spring, and for many years to come. If you are a new gardener, these perennials, and Daffodils, are the places to start.

Peony 'Koningin Wilhelmina'
Peony 'Festiva Maxima'
NEW! Peony 'Coral 'n' Gold'
Reblooming Iris Mother Earth'
Reblooming Iris Collection
Reblooming Iris 'Jennifer Rebecca'

Poppy 'Helen Elizabeth'
Poppy 'Royal Wedding'
Poppy 'Turkenlouis'


Daffodils, properly called Narcissus, are enormously valuable plants because they are the first major flowers of spring, among the hardiest and longest-lived of perennials. They are able to prosper and even reproduce in virtually any sunny, well-drained location, and ARE utterly immune to pests, including deer. Indeed Daffodils are so good that if they did not already exist, someone would have to invent them, and there are precious few spots in the landscape that don't look better with a handful in bloom.

To make a very good thing even better, we long ago created a Daffodil Mixture for Naturalizing which we call 'The Works'. It contains 100 bulbs, selected and blended to produce the maximum possible variety of colors and forms, plus an extended period of bloom often exceeding six weeks. There are never less than 30 varieties, never more than five of each, and the bulbs are all top-sized so there is no waiting around for first class flowers. Planted this fall, they will produce an astounding display next spring, and then actually increase their numbers in years to come. Please take a look at these photos then consider whether 40-50 years of this kind of beauty might be worth $69 plus shipping (and an hour or two of planting on a cool Saturday morning). Thousands of gardeners across the country have made this choice, often coming back for more the next year. They are rather like salted peanuts; hard to stop. Click here for more details.

'The Works' Daffodils -- 39 Five-star Reviews

'The Works' includes these favorite varieties. Please click on photos for details.

Narcissus 'Dutch Master'


Our Nursery Manager, Barb Pierson, is available for speaking engagements.
Our Nursery Manager, Barb Pierson, is available for speaking engagements.

Learn how to plant 'The Works' Daffodil Mix with our instructive video.
Learn how to plant 'The Works' Daffodil Mix with our instructive video.


Barbara Pierson is the Nursery Manager at White Flower Farm. She is also an absolutely first class horticulturist, having grown up on her family's nursery and working with us for the past 13 years. Barb gives a few garden talks each winter, and her charm, good humor, and encyclopedic knowledge of ornamentals and edibles mean her talks are both enormously instructive and highly entertaining. Of course, she has access to our complete slide collection, so the images will make your mouth water. Topics include Dahlia Borders, Hot Hydrangeas, Containers for Impressive Entryways, Raised Beds for Edible Gardens, and Roses Redefined. If your gardening or other organization would like to hear from Barb, the requirements are simple. She requires a modest fee, her travel expenses, and an expected attendance of at least 50 people for speaking engagements, each of whom will receive a copy of our spring catalogue. Please click here to be connected to Margret, our Public Relations Specialist.


Your opinion is important to us. While the summer is fresh in our minds and yours, we would appreciate your feedback by completing a brief survey on your garden. As our thanks for replying to this survey, you will receive a promotion code good for 10% off your next order. To complete our survey, click here. We look forward to serving you.

Amos Pettingill


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