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Down on the Farm - Better Late Than Never
It's Tulip time in our display gardens

The White Welcome Daffodil Mix covers the gamut of flower forms.
The White Welcome Daffodil Mix
covers the gamut of flower forms.

We blend 50 varieties for our Pastel Stretch Tulip Mix.
We blend 50 varieties for our
Pastel Stretch Tulip Mix.

Dear Gardening Friend,

Here in the northwest corner of Connecticut, spring is roughly 2 weeks behind schedule. We had snow flurries for the opening of our retail store, Daffodils preening in the borders when we normally enjoy Tulips, and trees still in bud when we expected a full foliage cover. Since we have had no hot days (as this is written), the shade has not been missed and a late Easter has allowed us, and you, to claim with some justification that the garden season simply began a fortnight behind schedule. At a practical level, that means that our plants and your garden are, as we speak, at precisely the right point for spring planting. In addition, our staff is impeccably prepared to meet your needs on a schedule that will astonish you. Whether you are beginning an ornamental border from scratch, refreshing an existing garden, or laying out this year's vegetable plot, you will find that our offering meets your needs from the ordinary to the exotic, and most of what falls between.

There are lots of ways to access this abundance, which range from clicking right HERE to enter our Web site, to digging out our catalogue that you received some weeks ago, or simply picking up the phone and calling 800-503-9624 to reach our customer service department. These ladies and gentlemen, almost all gardeners themselves, can walk you through the process of planning, selecting, ordering, and even planting with practical, easy-to-follow advice gleaned from many years of experience. The process is a pleasure for them, and will be the same for you, whether you are a first-time gardener or a seasoned horticulturist.

The Works Daffodils - 200 bulbs for $99 until 7/1

If there is a better Daffodil mixture for naturalizing than the "The Works", we have yet to hear of it. With the help of our Dutch partners, we gather and mix premium-size bulbs of the best modern varieties of Daffodils to provide the widest possible variety of colors and forms plus an extended season of bloom that runs close to 6 weeks where we live. These choice bulbs are blended by the 100, with each collection including at least 30 varieties, never more than 5 of each, and bears no resemblance whatsoever to the tragic leftovers found at big box stores for 10 days in fall. In addition, our bulbs are shipped, stored, graded, and packed in a temperature-controlled space that preserves their health and vigor. They will bloom enormously their first year in the ground and actually expand their display in future years in the kind of sunny, well-drained site they like.

If you are new to Daffodils (properly called Narcissus), these glorious first flowers of spring are among the hardiest, most pest-free, and long-lived perennials known to man, often persevering in a site for generations with no management by the gardener. The bulbs are planted in the fall, a process that is pleasant, reassuring, and as good for you as it is for your garden. Best of all, deer won't touch Daffodils, which guarantees bushels of flowers for the garden, the table, or bouquets for loved ones. They are literally too good to be true.

The Works is bought far in advance on contract and we do what we can to control cost factors like currency arbitrage and freight rates. At the suggestion of our supplier, we have this year conjured up another way to save you money. His analysis indicated that we could mix, grade, pack, and ship 200 of the Works for significantly less than it costs to deliver two separate orders of 100. We call it "Double Down," an expression from poker in which the player divides a pair of identical cards so as to play two hands at the same time. There is no magic to it, and we supply the same top-quality bulbs. Here is the math.

The Works -- 100 bulbs shipped for fall planting, item S984310 priced at $62 until July 1. After July 1, $69

The Works, Double Down -- 200 bulbs, same quality, same delivery schedule, item S984316 priced at $99 until July 1.

Get the point? Please act now. And if you already have 200 bulbs of The Works on order, we'll credit your account for the difference.

Spring-flowering bulbs at the farm.

The reason, of course, is that they are in bloom all around you at precisely this time, and you can choose your favorites and place your orders now for fall delivery (that's when spring bulbs are planted). Perhaps the following photo gallery will stimulate your interest and provide some names and faces you will wish to make note of. All varieties are available for purchase at our Web site at this time.

Daffodils A-Z Tulips A-Z Landscape Bulbs
Alliums Hyacinths Crocus
Muscari Fall-Blooming Bulbs Minor Bulbs

Tomatomania! at White Flower Farm

Can't make it? Shop our Great Tomato Celebration online.
Can't make it? Shop our
Great Tomato Celebration online.

Make shopping easy and bring your own wagon to either event.
Make shopping easy and bring your own wagon to either event.

Just starting out? Our experts will answer all you questions.
Just starting out? Our experts will answer all your questions.

Growing Tomatoes in a Container
Click here for tips and videos on growing a great crop of Tomatoes.

The busiest time of the year at our retail store is the event we call Tomatomania. This is the weekend of May 20-22 (3 days being the modern definition of a weekend) when we offer sturdy plants of roughly 125 varieties of Tomatoes, ranging from the most arcane heirlooms to the ever-popular hybrid beefsteaks, to an assembled throng of vegetable gardeners who have realized that this is the quickest, easiest, and cheapest way to start a Tomato crop if you live within driving distance of Litchfield. Of course, visitors will find the store properly stocked with our full selection of annuals, perennials, shrubs, vines, trees, herbs, Sweet Peppers, and even some bulbs as well. We have experts to provide assistance, including staff from our shipping and accounting departments (they are the ones with pale skin). If further encouragement is needed, shoppers will be able to enjoy several acres of carefully maintained display gardens, including one of the largest and finest mixed borders in America, which was designed by the late Christopher Lloyd. We are hard pressed to say exactly what may be in bloom, given the circumstances described above, but can promise that you will not be disappointed.

Thanks to the kind hospitality of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, we are mounting a duplicate of the Tomato offering at their Elm Bank campus in Wellesley, Massachusetts on Sunday, May 22 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. This parallel processing is intended to give gardeners from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and southern Maine a chance to enjoy the same opportunity as their southern peers, though the offering will be limited to Tomatoes, and not our full catalogue list. We are very much looking forward to meeting some new friends (the attendees for this event are mostly recidivists) and have a request out that the sea breeze hold off for that day. To get directions to Elm Bank, which is worth a visit even without our Tomatoes, please click here. We very much look forward to seeing you at one or the other spot.

To emphasize what we hope was already well understood, ALL of the plants under discussion above are available to be purchased for home delivery RIGHT NOW for those who find these dates and locations inconvenient. Shipments will be made on the schedule you request, with detailed instructions for planting and care enclosed, and every plant is GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK.

Amos Pettingill

Look for the product review and 5-star rating feature. You can comment on every product we offer and read what other gardeners have to say. To tell us what you like and don't like, click the "Write a Review" link on any product page, located just under the item's photo and also at the bottom of the page.

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