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Deer-Resistant Shrubs

Deer-Resistant Shrubs

First: the caveat. With the possible exception of spiny Barberries (Berberis) there are no absolutely deer-proof plants. If the herd is large enough, and food is scarce enough, deer have been known to eat almost anything.

There are plants that are much less palatable to deer, though even these "resistant" varieties are vulnerable in the first few weeks after planting when their leaf tissue is especially nitrogen-rich. If you have a deer problem in your neighborhood, it's a good idea to draw heavily from the group of plants you see below, all of which are rarely browsed. This list is drawn primarily from research done in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

We've also had good luck with Deer Stopper® spray, available here.

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 Brigadoon Heather Collection Brigadoon Heather Collection SKU: S80233
 Syringa vulgaris President Lincoln Syringa vulgaris President Lincoln SKU: S67581
From $32.95
 Paeonia suffruticosa High Noon Paeonia suffruticosa High Noon SKU: S66020
From $79.00
 Heath and Heather Collection Heath and Heather Collection SKU: S80230
From $79.00
 Sambucus racemosa Lemony Lace™ Sambucus racemosa Lemony Lace™ SKU: S67207
From $29.95
 Buddleia Miss Molly Buddleia Miss Molly SKU: S60713
From $27.95
 Calluna vulgaris Cuprea Calluna vulgaris Cuprea SKU: S60817
From $17.95
 Butterfly Hedge Butterfly Hedge SKU: S81318
From $69.00
 Calluna vulgaris C.W. Nix Calluna vulgaris C.W. Nix SKU: S60822
From $17.95
 Buddleia davidii Peacock™ Buddleia davidii Peacock™ SKU: S60703
From $24.95
 Calluna vulgaris Kinlochruel Calluna vulgaris Kinlochruel SKU: S60845
From $17.95
 Syringa vulgaris Beauty of Moscow Syringa vulgaris Beauty of Moscow SKU: S67587
From $26.95
 Syringa Bloomerang® Pink Perfume Syringa Bloomerang® Pink Perfume SKU: S67629
From $29.95
 Buddleia davidii Purple Emperor Buddleia davidii Purple Emperor SKU: S60731
From $25.95
 Callicarpa Purple Pearls® Callicarpa Purple Pearls® SKU: S60801
 Paeonia suffruticosa Asuka Paeonia suffruticosa Asuka SKU: S66056
From $79.00
 Buddleia Lo & Behold® Ice Chip Buddleia Lo & Behold® Ice Chip SKU: S60714
From $21.95
 Paeonia suffruticosa Seidai Paeonia suffruticosa Seidai SKU: S66042
From $79.00
 Magnolia Genie Magnolia Genie SKU: S64679
From $50.00
 Magnolia Butterflies Magnolia Butterflies SKU: S64660
From $35.95
 Genista lydia Bangle™ Genista lydia Bangle™ SKU: S62237
 Syringa Bloomerang® Dark Purple Syringa Bloomerang® Dark Purple SKU: S67623
From $29.95
 Syringa vulgaris Yankee Doodle Syringa vulgaris Yankee Doodle SKU: S67594
From $32.95
 Paeonia suffruticosa Shikounishiki Paeonia suffruticosa Shikounishiki SKU: S66057
From $79.00
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