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Double-Flowered Daffodils

Double-Flowered Daffodils

Instead of a trumpet, these Daffodils have a central cluster of petals—sometimes many more than the usual number. Some varieties are heavily ruffled while others have colorful tufts.

 Narcissus Sir Winston Churchill Narcissus Sir Winston Churchill SKU: F142021
From $16.95
 Narcissus Delnashaugh Narcissus Delnashaugh SKU: F142521
From $19.95
 Narcissus Rose of May Narcissus Rose of May SKU: F111569
From $14.95
 Narcissus Tahiti Narcissus Tahiti SKU: F142121
From $16.95
 Narcissus Acropolis Narcissus Acropolis SKU: F140221
From $19.95
 Narcissus Manly Narcissus Manly SKU: F141321
From $11.95
 Narcissus Rip van Winkle Narcissus Rip van Winkle SKU: F110461
From $10.95
 Narcissus Cheerfulness Narcissus Cheerfulness SKU: F140621
From $15.95
 Narcissus Sweet Desire Narcissus Sweet Desire SKU: F111606
From $12.95
 Narcissus English Style Narcissus English Style SKU: F111591
From $14.95
 Narcissus Tête Boucle' Narcissus Tête Boucle' SKU: F111645
From $16.95
 Narcissus Viktoria von dem Bussche Narcissus Viktoria von dem Bussche SKU: F111619
From $12.95
 Narcissus Double Campernelle Narcissus Double Campernelle SKU: F150570
From $13.95
 Narcissus Heamoor Narcissus Heamoor SKU: F111614
From $12.95
 Narcissus Ambon Narcissus Ambon SKU: F111610
From $14.95
 Narcissus 'Le Torch' Narcissus 'Le Torch' SKU: F111634
From $15.95
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