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Flowering Onion

Flowering Onion

The genus Allium (the Latin means '“garlic'”) offers colorful, distinctive, and long-lasting forms that stand out in the early-summer garden. Alliums are sun-lovers and prefer well-drained, even sandy, soil. Deer, mice, chipmunks, and related predators generally avoid this group, so you can plant with impunity. Tuck them among clumps of summer-flowering perennials where the Alliums'’ spent foliage will be hidden by the expanding perennials.

 Allium Globemaster Allium Globemaster SKU: F312003
From $19.95
 Allium Gladiator Allium Gladiator SKU: F311003
From $15.95
 Allium Purple Sensation Allium Purple Sensation SKU: F301003
From $12.95
 A Big Mix of Little Alliums A Big Mix of Little Alliums SKU: F339003
From $12.95
 Allium caeruleum Allium caeruleum SKU: F303003
From $9.95
 Allium roseum bulbiferum Allium roseum bulbiferum SKU: F329003
From $10.95
 Allium Mount Everest Allium Mount Everest SKU: F321003
From $17.95
 Allium Ambassador Allium Ambassador SKU: F312004
From $24.95
 Allium Summer Drummer Allium Summer Drummer SKU: F319008
From $12.95
 Allium stipitatum White Giant Allium stipitatum White Giant SKU: F330014
From $16.95
 Allium amethystinum Red Mohican Allium amethystinum Red Mohican SKU: F319007
From $19.95
 Allium schubertii Allium schubertii SKU: F330003
From $18.95
 Allium atropurpureum Allium atropurpureum SKU: F302003
From $15.95
 Allium Pink Jewel Allium Pink Jewel SKU: F312006
From $19.95
 Allium Powder Puff Allium Powder Puff SKU: F319006
From $12.95
 Allium Pinball Wizard Allium Pinball Wizard SKU: F316005
From $24.95
 Allium Spider Allium Spider SKU: F312007
From $14.95
 Allium Lucy Ball Allium Lucy Ball SKU: F317003
From $19.95
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