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Fragrant Bulb Varieties

Fragrant Bulb Varieties

Fragrance in the spring garden is an enchanting feature that’s a favorite of ours. From the early sources of perfume delivered by Muscari (Grape Hyacinths) beginning in April to the heady scent of Hyacinths in May, here is a selection of specialty bulbs you’ll remember with pleasure, long after their blossoms and fragrance have faded.

 Muscari armeniacum Muscari armeniacum SKU: F390339
From $17.50
 Muscari Mixture - Singing the Blues Muscari Mixture - Singing the Blues SKU: F971810
From $17.50
 Muscari Valerie Finnis Muscari Valerie Finnis SKU: F392342
From $13.25
 Hyacinthoides Bakkum Blue Hyacinthoides Bakkum Blue SKU: F310833
From $18.50
 Blue Hyacinth Mix Blue Hyacinth Mix SKU: F320222
From $20.50
 Rubies and Pearls Hyacinth Mix Rubies and Pearls Hyacinth Mix SKU: F322237
From $20.50
 Muscari Baby's Breath Muscari Baby's Breath SKU: F392441
From $14.25
 Hyacinthus Blue Jacket Hyacinthus Blue Jacket SKU: F320332
From $12.25
 Vivid Hyacinth Mix Vivid Hyacinth Mix SKU: F331440
From $20.50
 Crocus pulchellus Crocus pulchellus SKU: F910091
From $13.25
 Spring Cavalry Collection Spring Cavalry Collection SKU: F971150
From $27.00
 Muscari aucheri Ocean Magic Muscari aucheri Ocean Magic SKU: F390470
From $13.25
 Crocus angustifolius Crocus angustifolius SKU: F150114
From $14.25
 Hyacinthus Carnegie Hyacinthus Carnegie SKU: F320532
From $12.25
 Hyacinthus Gipsy Queen Hyacinthus Gipsy Queen SKU: F320832
From $12.25
 Galanthus S. Arnott Galanthus S. Arnott SKU: F270527
From $30.75
 Hyacinthus orientalis Fresco Hyacinthus orientalis Fresco SKU: F320227
From $15.50
 Hyacinthus Jan Bos Hyacinthus Jan Bos SKU: F320932
From $12.25
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