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Fragrant Daffodils

Fragrant Daffodils

The world of Daffodils offers irresistible fragrance. Their perfumes range from delicate to sweet and spicy depending on the variety. Plant plenty for bouquets, and be sure to pot up a few for forcing so you can enjoy their lovely scent indoors during the winter.

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 The Works The Works SKU: F984310
 The Works, Southern Style The Works, Southern Style SKU: F984311
 Narcissus Sir Winston Churchill Narcissus Sir Winston Churchill SKU: F142021
From $17.50
 Narcissus Sailboat Narcissus Sailboat SKU: F172421
From $13.25
 Double Daffodil Mix Double Daffodil Mix SKU: F970151
From $29.75
 Narcissus Thalia Narcissus Thalia SKU: F150721
From $15.25
 Narcissus Sun Disc Narcissus Sun Disc SKU: F113171
From $11.25
 Narcissus Rose of May Narcissus Rose of May SKU: F111569
From $15.50
 Scent of Spring Daffodil Mixture Scent of Spring Daffodil Mixture SKU: F984306
From $26.00
 Narcissus Minnow Narcissus Minnow SKU: F113101
From $12.25
 Narcissus Cheerfulness Narcissus Cheerfulness SKU: F140621
From $16.50
 Narcissus Queen Beatrix Narcissus Queen Beatrix SKU: F111615
From $13.25
 Narcissus poeticus var. recurvus Narcissus poeticus var. recurvus SKU: F110151
From $20.50
 Narcissus Trevithian Narcissus Trevithian SKU: F171721
From $12.75
 Narcissus Angel's Breath Narcissus Angel's Breath SKU: F172832
From $17.25
 Narcissus Golden Echo Narcissus Golden Echo SKU: F150574
From $13.25
 Narcissus Double Campernelle Narcissus Double Campernelle SKU: F150570
From $14.25
 Narcissus Bella Estrella Narcissus Bella Estrella SKU: F111010
From $19.50
 Narcissus Viktoria von dem Bussche Narcissus Viktoria von dem Bussche SKU: F111619
From $13.25
 Narcissus Galactic Star Narcissus Galactic Star SKU: F111546
From $14.25
 Narcissus Ornatus Narcissus Ornatus SKU: F110471
From $20.50
 Narcissus Lemon Sailboat Narcissus Lemon Sailboat SKU: F111644
From $13.25
 Narcissus Merels Favourite Narcissus Merels Favourite SKU: F121223
From $16.50
 Narcissus 'Le Torch' Narcissus 'Le Torch' SKU: F111634
From $16.50
 Narcissus Kokopelli Narcissus Kokopelli SKU: F111561
From $14.75
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