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Garden Accessories

Garden Accessories

Plants aren’t the only things we put in our gardens. From supports for climbing vines to raised beds for vegetables, and feeders and houses designed to attract wildlife, we offer a full range of marvelous accessories for your garden and you. These select products, all tested and trialed at the farm, will help you add finishing touches to the garden. They also make superb gifts.

Arbors, Trellises, Supports Arbors, Trellises, Supports Garden trellises and tuteurs do more than support climbing vines. Read more
Garden Accents Garden Accents We offer a broad selection of beautifully crafted, durable garden accents. Read more
Raised Bed Gardening Raised Bed Gardening A raised bed of durable white cedar makes a perfect home for a garden Read more
Garden Accents for Birds, Bats & Butterflies Garden Accents for Birds, Bats & Butterflies Birds, butterflies, and bats are a beneficial presence in every garden. Read more
Gardening Apparel & Accessories Gardening Apparel & Accessories The right gloves or garden bag can make a world of difference. Read more
Featured Items
 Rustic Twig Tower Rustic Twig Tower SKU: S7362
 Large Rose Trellis Large Rose Trellis SKU: S54024
 Cedar Tuteur Cedar Tuteur SKU: S57753
 White Pyramid Tuteur White Pyramid Tuteur SKU: S56849
 Armillary Garden Ornament Armillary Garden Ornament SKU: S56856
 Heart Hummingbird Feeder Heart Hummingbird Feeder SKU: S58949
 Butterfly House Butterfly House SKU: S58951
 Acacia Trellis Acacia Trellis SKU: S58863
 Sea Grass Nesting Pocket Sea Grass Nesting Pocket SKU: S58952
 Black Metal Obelisk Black Metal Obelisk SKU: S56850
 A Magnificent Birdhouse A Magnificent Birdhouse SKU: S56859
 Waves of Bloom Trellis Waves of Bloom Trellis SKU: S58973
 Songbird House Songbird House SKU: S58800
 Cedar Obelisk Tuteur Cedar Obelisk Tuteur SKU: S56843
 Bat House Bat House SKU: S58950
 White Cedar Raised Bed, 4x8 White Cedar Raised Bed, 4x8 SKU: S50359
 Tomato Spirals - Set of 3 Tomato Spirals - Set of 3 SKU: S57819
 White Cedar Raised Bed, 3x5 White Cedar Raised Bed, 3x5 SKU: S51706
 Black Bat House Black Bat House SKU: F58962
 Column Trellises, set of 2 Column Trellises, set of 2 SKU: S56855
 Green Garden Bag Green Garden Bag SKU: S58974
 White Cedar Raised Bed, 4x4 White Cedar Raised Bed, 4x4 SKU: S51707
 Dura-Cage® by JWALT Dura-Cage® by JWALT SKU: S57113
 Washington Trellis Washington Trellis SKU: S58976
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