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Gardening Tools

Gardening Tools

We believe that there's one right tool for every job, and that money is well spent to have it.

Gadgets don't interest us, and we cannot abide cheap tools—they always cost more in the long run. After spending decades testing tools both at the nursery and in our private gardens, we keep coming back to the essentials featured here. 

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 Swoe Swoe SKU: S57717
 Unlimited Garden Scissors Unlimited Garden Scissors SKU: S7130
 Bulb Cage Bulb Cage SKU: S982498
 Ultra-Cushion Kneeling Pad Ultra-Cushion Kneeling Pad SKU: S58975
 Premium Gardening Shears Premium Gardening Shears SKU: S53782
 Wire Compost Bin Wire Compost Bin SKU: S7185
 Durham Pot Durham Pot SKU: S58996
 Gardener's Hand Rake Gardener's Hand Rake SKU: S49803
 Essential Garden Spade Essential Garden Spade SKU: S49800
 Adjustable Rake Adjustable Rake SKU: S56191
 Bulb Planter for Borders Bulb Planter for Borders SKU: S981698
 Right-Handers Garden Hoe Right-Handers Garden Hoe SKU: S49804
 Ultimate Garden Fork Ultimate Garden Fork SKU: S49801
 Professional Garden Trowel Professional Garden Trowel SKU: S49805
 Hand-Forged Step Edger Hand-Forged Step Edger SKU: S49802
 Hand-Forged Weeding Fork Hand-Forged Weeding Fork SKU: S49806
 Black Svelte Resin Planter Black Svelte Resin Planter SKU: S58768
 Folding Pruning Saw Folding Pruning Saw SKU: S53783
 Solid Brass Watering Can Solid Brass Watering Can SKU: S58977
 Herb Snips Herb Snips SKU: S58980
 Bulb Trowel Bulb Trowel
From $21.00
 Easy-Glide Garden Hoe Easy-Glide Garden Hoe SKU: F49807
 Tool Maintenance Kit Tool Maintenance Kit SKU: F49810
 Gardener's Go-To Rake Gardener's Go-To Rake SKU: F49809
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