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Shop Amaryllis & Gifts

Shop Amaryllis & Gifts

All of the gift items we offer are of the finest quality available and have been carefully evaluated by our staff to ensure they will meet our expectations, and yours. Whether you choose one of our foolproof Amaryllis, easy-care houseplants or a fragrant bouquet of freshly cut flowers available year round, you (and the lucky recipient) will appreciate our exceptional attention to detail, including superb packaging, practical instructions for care, and an unconditional guarantee.

Should you need assistance of any kind, please contact our knowledgeable customer service team, who can help you select a gift item, or check the status of an order, and everything in between.

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Featured Items
 Lavender Fields Wreath Lavender Fields Wreath SKU: F58402
 Cotton Seedpod Wreath Cotton Seedpod Wreath SKU: F59138
 Sunshine and Roses Wreath Sunshine and Roses Wreath SKU: F58804
 Multi-Toned Wheat Wreath Multi-Toned Wheat Wreath SKU: F59133
 Black Bearded Wheat Wreath Black Bearded Wheat Wreath SKU: F59115
 Durum Wheat Wreath Durum Wheat Wreath SKU: F59116
 Beachcomber's Wreath Beachcomber's Wreath SKU: X56787
 Early Snow Wreath Early Snow Wreath SKU: X58807
 Cotton Seedpod Garland Cotton Seedpod Garland SKU: F59139
 18 18" Pine Forest Wreath SKU: S59049
 Preserved Boxwood Wreath Preserved Boxwood Wreath SKU: F59161
$169.00 $84.50
 Decorative Metal Tray for Every Decor Decorative Metal Tray for Every Decor SKU: F58827
$40.00 $19.95
 Filigree Plant Stand Filigree Plant Stand SKU: F51683
 4 Tier Plant Stand 4 Tier Plant Stand SKU: F53786
 Plant Trivets - Set of 4 Plant Trivets - Set of 4 SKU: F56509
 Copper Boxes Copper Boxes
From $89.00
 Contemporary Plant Stand Contemporary Plant Stand SKU: F58982
 Sargasso Sea Pot, small Sargasso Sea Pot, small SKU: F59122
$16.00 $8.00
 Sargasso Sea Pot, mini Sargasso Sea Pot, mini SKU: F59121
$10.00 $5.00
 Sargasso Sea Pot, medium Sargasso Sea Pot, medium SKU: F59124
 Crackle Glaze Pot, 5½ Crackle Glaze Pot, 5½" wide SKU: F59125
$29.00 $14.50
 Crackle Glaze Pot, 10 Crackle Glaze Pot, 10" wide SKU: F59128
$48.00 $24.00
 Crackle Glaze Pot, 6 Crackle Glaze Pot, 6" wide SKU: F59127
$25.00 $12.50
 Bottle Top Plant Stands Bottle Top Plant Stands SKU: F59140
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