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For most people, the word Iris conjures up visions of brilliant June flowers, for perennial Irises are among the best known and loved of garden plants. This huge genus contains upward of 200 species, which range from timid and inconspicuous wildings to splendid Tall Bearded Iris that can rebloom in fall. Their preferred habitats range from standing water to formal borders, and there is scarcely a shade or combination of colors that can’t be found.

We offer several types of Iris at different times of year - Siberian Iris (Iris sibirica) and Japanese Iris (Iris ensata) are shipped for both spring and fall planting, whereas our Tall Bearded Iris varieties are available for sale year-round but are shipped only in the fall. Some Tall Bearded varieties are re-bloomers, flowering in June and then again in late summer.

See each variety for further detail about availability.

 Iris pallida Variegata Iris pallida Variegata SKU: S32512
From $14.95
 Iris chrysographes black-flowered Iris chrysographes black-flowered SKU: S32447
From $11.95
 Iris sibirica Gull's Wing Iris sibirica Gull's Wing SKU: S32556
From $9.95
 Iris sibirica Shirley Pope Iris sibirica Shirley Pope SKU: S32554
From $9.95
 Iris sibirica Butter and Sugar Iris sibirica Butter and Sugar SKU: S32525
From $9.95
 Iris sibirica Caesars Brother Iris sibirica Caesars Brother SKU: S32526
From $9.95
 Siberian Iris Breeder's Cup Mix Siberian Iris Breeder's Cup Mix SKU: S87802
From $65.00
 Iris ensata Chidori No Mai Iris ensata Chidori No Mai SKU: S32478
From $16.95
 Iris sibirica Silver Edge Iris sibirica Silver Edge SKU: S32550
From $9.95
 Iris sibirica Chartreuse Bounty Iris sibirica Chartreuse Bounty SKU: S32508
From $12.95
 Iris ensata Loyalty Iris ensata Loyalty SKU: S32484
From $16.95
 Iris ensata Queen's Tiara Iris ensata Queen's Tiara SKU: S32485
From $16.95
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