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Bulbs for Large Plantings

Bulbs for Large Plantings

Many of our finest Daffodil varieties are offered in 2 grades because different gardeners have different needs. For those who want the maximum possible bloom the first year, plus early and prolific self-propagation, the premium-sized bulbs we offer are the right choice. We also offer "landscape-grade" bulbs which are a year younger, somewhat smaller, and considerably less expensive per bulb. Please be clear that ALL landscape-grade bulbs will bloom the first year and will catch up with their older siblings in a few seasons. That said, they offer exceptional value which we enhance by offering them in larger quantities. The intention is to allow you to develop plantings at the speed and price that work best for you. As you make your choice, remember that these Daffodils will be around for the rest of your life, likely your heirs’ as well.

 The Works The Works SKU: F984310
 The Works, Southern Style The Works, Southern Style SKU: F984311
 Cornerstone Astilbe Collection Cornerstone Astilbe Collection SKU: S82433
From $69.00
 Emerald Isle, Hosta Collection Emerald Isle, Hosta Collection SKU: S83150
From $78.00
 Narcissus A Golden Legacy Mixture Narcissus A Golden Legacy Mixture SKU: F984314
From $40.00
 Unique 50 Daylilies - Hemerocallis Unique 50 Daylilies - Hemerocallis SKU: S83076
From $175.00
 Johnny One Note Johnny One Note SKU: S83088
From $59.00
 Colchicum Waterlily Colchicum Waterlily SKU: F901590
From $19.50
 Blue Hyacinth Mix Blue Hyacinth Mix SKU: F320222
From $20.50
 Colchicum Giant Colchicum Giant SKU: F900990
From $19.50
 Spring Shade Garden Spring Shade Garden SKU: S83163
From $159.00
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