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All Daffodils

All Daffodils

Here you'll find our complete Daffodil (Narcissus) offering, including our popular and economical mixes and collections.

Daffodils will thrive in almost any location that offers decent drainage and a half day of sun. Most strains are reliably hardy in zones 3–7, and numerous forms (including the fragrant Paperwhites) will prosper in zones 8–10. Daffodils are extremely long lived, and almost entirely immune from disease and pests (including deer, which will not touch them). 

There is simply no more reliable plant in horticulture, and many gardeners know the familiar yellow Trumpet forms but have yet to discover the many and varied shapes, sizes, and colors available in this immensely diverse and useful genus. We aim to change that! 

All Daffodils are shipped for fall planting.

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 The Works The Works SKU: F984310
From $59.00
 Paperwhite Ziva Paperwhite Ziva SKU: X43121
 The Works, Southern Style The Works, Southern Style SKU: F984311
From $59.00
 The Works by the Crate for the South The Works by the Crate for the South SKU: F984317
From $110.00
 Bold Beauties Daffodil Mixture Bold Beauties Daffodil Mixture SKU: F984307
From $49.00
 Fragrant Triandrus Narcissus Mix Fragrant Triandrus Narcissus Mix SKU: F970212
From $29.00
 Narcissus Rip van Winkle Narcissus Rip van Winkle SKU: F110461
From $10.95
 Small-cupped Narcissus Mix Small-cupped Narcissus Mix SKU: F970211
From $29.00
 Narcissus Queen Beatrix Narcissus Queen Beatrix SKU: F111615
From $12.95
 Narcissus Sweet Desire Narcissus Sweet Desire SKU: F111606
From $12.95
 Narcissus English Style Narcissus English Style SKU: F111591
From $14.95
 Narcissus Lucky Number Narcissus Lucky Number SKU: F121222
From $16.95
 Narcissus Tête Boucle´ Narcissus Tête Boucle´ SKU: F111645
From $16.95
 Narcissus Chromacolor Narcissus Chromacolor SKU: F129121
From $11.95
 Narcissus Sabine Hay Narcissus Sabine Hay SKU: F131231
From $15.95
 Narcissus Golden Echo Narcissus Golden Echo SKU: F150574
From $12.95
 Narcissus Galactic Star Narcissus Galactic Star SKU: F111546
From $13.95
 Narcissus British Gamble Narcissus British Gamble SKU: F111595
From $12.95
 Narcissus Greengarden Narcissus Greengarden SKU: F111602
From $13.95
 Narcissus Double Campernelle Narcissus Double Campernelle SKU: F150570
From $13.95
 Narcissus Cum Laude Narcissus Cum Laude SKU: F111071
From $12.95
 Narcissus Heamoor Narcissus Heamoor SKU: F111614
From $12.95
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