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New Shrubs & Vines

New Shrubs & Vines

One of the challenges of our business is keeping up with the many new plant varieties introduced each year. On the one hand, we aim to keep our offering fresh and to stay abreast of the "latest and greatest" of the gardening world. On the other hand, we often find that the latest is not in fact the greatest, and vice versa. Therefore, before we offer a variety for sale, we trial it in our own gardens in Connecticut, or, in some cases, rely on the recommendations of certain breeders and growers who have proven trustworthy over the long term.

Some of the shrubs and vines included here are brand new to the nursery trade; others have been available elsewhere for some time. They all have met our high standards for garden performance, and we are pleased to feature them this season.

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 Hydrangea paniculata Polar Ball™ Hydrangea paniculata Polar Ball™ SKU: S63020
From $19.95
 Clematis American Beauty Clematis American Beauty SKU: S26577
From $24.95
 Sambucus nigra Instant Karma® Sambucus nigra Instant Karma® SKU: S67209
From $19.95
 Malus Prairifire Malus Prairifire SKU: S64725
From $60.00
 Thuja occidentalis American Pillar Thuja occidentalis American Pillar SKU: F67736
From $26.95
 Clematis Marta™ Garland® Clematis Marta™ Garland® SKU: S26523
From $22.95
 Syringa vulgaris Monge Syringa vulgaris Monge SKU: S67611
From $29.95
 Buddleia Buzz™ Ivory Buddleia Buzz™ Ivory SKU: S60697
From $23.95
 Buddleia Miss Violet Buddleia Miss Violet SKU: S60699
From $19.95
 Syringa x hyacinthiflora Mount Baker Syringa x hyacinthiflora Mount Baker SKU: S67591
$27.95 $22.37
 Buddleia Buzz™ Soft Pink Buddleia Buzz™ Soft Pink SKU: S60698
From $23.95
 Acer japonicum Aconitifolium Acer japonicum Aconitifolium SKU: S60079
From $35.95
 Hypericum calycinum Golden Rule® Hypericum calycinum Golden Rule® SKU: S63242
From $19.95
 Acer palmatum Butterfly Acer palmatum Butterfly SKU: S60088
From $35.95
 Malus Red Barron Malus Red Barron SKU: S64726
$75.00 $60.00
 Betula x plettkei Golden Treasure Betula x plettkei Golden Treasure SKU: S60476
From $28.95
 Malus Donald Wyman Malus Donald Wyman SKU: S7495
From $60.00
 Rhododendron viscosum Pink Mist Rhododendron viscosum Pink Mist SKU: S66594
From $24.95
 Viburnum Red Balloon™ Viburnum Red Balloon™ SKU: S68511
From $19.95
 Symphoricarpos Proud Berry™ Symphoricarpos Proud Berry™ SKU: S67459
From $19.95
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