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New Specialty Bulbs

New Specialty Bulbs

We combine bulbs that are not Daffodils and Tulips under the heading Specialty Bulbs. There are many exceptional spring- and fall-flowering bulbs in this group—Crocus, Hyacinths, Alliums and more. We have gathered our new Specialty Bulbs here.

 Hyacinthoides Bakkum Blue Hyacinthoides Bakkum Blue SKU: F310833
From $17.95
 Erythronium dens-canis Frans Hals Erythronium dens-canis Frans Hals SKU: F230224
From $22.95
 Erythronium dens-canis Rose Queen Erythronium dens-canis Rose Queen SKU: F231123
From $24.95
 Hyacinthoides hispanica Dainty Maid Hyacinthoides hispanica Dainty Maid SKU: F310631
From $16.95
 Crocus olivieri Orange Monarch Crocus olivieri Orange Monarch SKU: F140316
From $15.95
 Spring Splendor Tulip Collection Spring Splendor Tulip Collection SKU: F973064
From $25.00
 Crocus chrysanthus Romance Crocus chrysanthus Romance SKU: F142014
From $9.95
 Muscari Bling Bling Muscari Bling Bling SKU: F392442
From $15.95
 Allium amethystinum Red Mohican Allium amethystinum Red Mohican SKU: F319007
From $19.95
 Allium Summer Drummer Allium Summer Drummer SKU: F319008
From $12.95
 Muscari aucheri Ocean Magic Muscari aucheri Ocean Magic SKU: F390470
From $12.95
 Made for Each Other Made for Each Other SKU: F970153
From $24.00
 Allium Pink Jewel Allium Pink Jewel SKU: F312006
From $19.95
 Camassia Blue Heaven Camassia Blue Heaven SKU: F100711
From $13.95
 Allium Powder Puff Allium Powder Puff SKU: F319006
From $12.95
 Allium Ostara Allium Ostara SKU: F319005
From $16.95
 Hyacinthus orientalis Fresco Hyacinthus orientalis Fresco SKU: F320227
From $14.95
 Color Rhapsody Color Rhapsody SKU: F970157
From $24.00
 Sunny Gems Sunny Gems SKU: F970156
From $19.95
 Periwinkle Path Periwinkle Path SKU: F970154
From $24.00
 Sweet Harmony Tulip Quartet Sweet Harmony Tulip Quartet SKU: F970158
From $29.00
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