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New Tulip Varieties

New Tulip Varieties

One might reasonably think that after hundreds of years of breeding, there would be no such thing as a "new" Tulip. In fact, the pace of new introductions has never been quicker, and one of the more satisfying parts of our job is picking out new introductions that our customers will find appealing and useful. We've found that new doesn't always mean better, and we trial extensively to make sure that every variety we offer meets our expectations, and yours. 

Here you'll find this season's new Tulip introductions that made the grade. The list includes both varieties which are brand new to the trade, and also older varieties that we have not offered in the past.

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 Tulip Purissima Blonde Tulip Purissima Blonde SKU: F213099
From $14.95
 Tulip Danceline Tulip Danceline SKU: F211807
From $18.95
 Painter's Palette Tulip Mixture Painter's Palette Tulip Mixture SKU: F977198
From $24.00
 Tulip praestans Shogun Tulip praestans Shogun SKU: F215465
From $12.95
 Tulip humilis Persian Pearl Tulip humilis Persian Pearl SKU: F215392
From $9.95
 Tulip Double Touch Tulip Double Touch SKU: F211810
From $15.95
 Tulip turkestanica Tulip turkestanica SKU: F215462
From $12.95
 Tulip Dream Touch Tulip Dream Touch SKU: F211806
From $15.95
 Tulip Analita Tulip Analita SKU: F215466
From $12.95
 Tulip Rigas Barikades Tulip Rigas Barikades SKU: F232723
From $14.95
 Tulip Granny Award Tulip Granny Award SKU: F211811
From $12.95
 Tulip Whispering Dream Tulip Whispering Dream SKU: F211804
From $14.95
 Tulip tschimganica Tulip tschimganica SKU: F215464
From $12.95
 Spring Splendor Tulip Collection Spring Splendor Tulip Collection SKU: F973064
From $25.00
 Tulip tschimganica Spanish Flag Tulip tschimganica Spanish Flag SKU: F215463
From $14.95
 Tulip Giant Orange Sunrise Tulip Giant Orange Sunrise SKU: F211805
From $19.95
 Tulip Queensday Tulip Queensday SKU: F232767
From $12.95
 Tulip Upstar Tulip Upstar SKU: F212202
From $12.95
 Tulip cretica Tulip cretica SKU: F211809
From $29.95
 Tulip Pretty Princess Tulip Pretty Princess SKU: F211808
From $13.95
 Tulip Prinz Armin Tulip Prinz Armin SKU: F211803
From $11.95
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