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Here you fill find a select list of magazines, plus botanic gardens, horticulture societies, and garden centers we work with.

Better Homes & Gardens Better Homes & Gardens Better Homes and Gardens¬ is pleased to offer readers the best gardening selections. Read more
Family Circle Family Circle Family Circle¬ is pleased to offer readers the best gardening selections. Read more
Traditional Home Traditional Home Traditional Home¬ is pleased to offer readers the best gardening selections. Read more
Botanic Gardens/Hort Societies Botanic Gardens/Hort Societies Apart from a visit to our nursery, we can't think of a better way to advance your gardening skills. Read more
Garden Center Partners Garden Center Partners Get White Flower Farm plants at a garden center near you. Read more
Featured Items
 Rose At Last® Rose At Last® SKU: MM066871
From $19.95
 Hydrangea paniculata Diamond Rouge® Hydrangea paniculata Diamond Rouge® SKU: MM063227
From $24.95
 Fragrant Peony Collection Fragrant Peony Collection SKU: GM083531
From $45.00
 Hibiscus Summerific® Perfect Storm Hibiscus Summerific® Perfect Storm SKU: GM031461
From $21.95
 Reblooming Iris Lenora Pearl Reblooming Iris Lenora Pearl SKU: F32272
From $14.95
 Reblooming Iris Immortality Reblooming Iris Immortality SKU: F32267
From $14.95
 Iris War Chief Iris War Chief SKU: F32188
From $16.95
 Lemon Thyme Lemon Thyme SKU: S4679
From $7.95
 Thymus Coccineus Group Thymus Coccineus Group SKU: S39108
From $10.95
 Tulip 'White Triumphator' Tulip 'White Triumphator' SKU: F261402
From $14.25
 Tulip 'Orca' Tulip 'Orca' SKU: F211060
From $14.75
 Tulip 'Prinses Irene' Tulip 'Prinses Irene' SKU: F211402
From $12.25
 Tulip 'Creme Upstar' Tulip 'Creme Upstar' SKU: F212302
From $14.25
 Tulip 'Daydream' Tulip 'Daydream' SKU: F241002
From $13.25
 Tulip 'Exotic Emperor' Tulip 'Exotic Emperor' SKU: F211025
From $13.25
 Tulip 'Victoria's Secret' Tulip 'Victoria's Secret' SKU: F232777
From $15.50
 Thymus serpyllum Alba Thymus serpyllum Alba SKU: S39105
From $10.95
 Tulip 'Candy Prince' Tulip 'Candy Prince' SKU: F232780
From $13.25
 Thymus serpyllum Pink Chintz Thymus serpyllum Pink Chintz SKU: S39101
$13.95 $11.16
 Lavender Fields Wreath Lavender Fields Wreath SKU: S58402
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