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Plantain Lily

Plantain Lily

No shady garden should be without these hardy perennials. They range in form from large-leaved to miniature, and in color from emerald green to silvery blue, and solidly colored to boldly patterned. Over 50 years ago, we planted a mix of Hostas under a row of Sugar Maples at the nursery. They are still thriving there, crowding out weeds, and looking magnificent year after year with very little effort from us.

 Hosta Hadspen Blue Hosta Hadspen Blue SKU: F31534
From $16.95
 Hosta Patriot Hosta Patriot SKU: S31582
From $13.95
 Hosta Fire and Ice Hosta Fire and Ice SKU: S31557
From $16.95
 Hosta Blue Mouse Ears Hosta Blue Mouse Ears SKU: S31548
From $15.95
 Hosta Guacamole Hosta Guacamole SKU: S31570
$17.95 $14.37
 Hosta Blue Ivory Hosta Blue Ivory SKU: S31638
From $19.95
 Hosta Shadowland™ Wheee! Hosta Shadowland™ Wheee! SKU: S31644
From $19.95
 Hosta Shadowland™ Autumn Frost Hosta Shadowland™ Autumn Frost SKU: S31637
From $19.95
 Hosta Rainbow's End Hosta Rainbow's End SKU: F31545
From $17.95
 Hosta Brother Stefan Hosta Brother Stefan SKU: S31612
From $16.95
 Hosta Firn Line Hosta Firn Line SKU: S31613
From $16.95
 Hosta Morning Star Hosta Morning Star SKU: S31614
From $14.95
 Hosta First Frost Hosta First Frost SKU: F31525
From $17.95
 Hosta 'Liberty' Hosta 'Liberty' SKU: F31647
From $17.95
 Emerald Isle, Hosta Collection Emerald Isle, Hosta Collection SKU: S83150
From $78.00
 Hosta Shadowland™ Empress Wu Hosta Shadowland™ Empress Wu SKU: S31519
From $19.95
 Hosta sieboldiana Elegans Hosta sieboldiana Elegans SKU: S31590
From $13.95
 Hosta Cathedral Windows Hosta Cathedral Windows SKU: S31628
From $19.95
 Hosta Victory Hosta Victory SKU: S31642
$16.95 $13.57
 Hosta Blue Mammoth Hosta Blue Mammoth SKU: S31554
From $16.95
 Hosta Wishing Well Hosta Wishing Well SKU: S31645
From $19.95
 Hosta Abiqua Drinking Gourd Hosta Abiqua Drinking Gourd SKU: S31632
From $16.95
 Hosta Great Expectations Hosta Great Expectations SKU: S31564
From $13.95
 Hosta Humpback Whale Hosta Humpback Whale SKU: F31509
From $16.95
 The Moody Blues The Moody Blues SKU: S83167
From $42.00
 Hosta Royal Standard Hosta Royal Standard SKU: F31580
From $10.95
 World of Hosta Collection World of Hosta Collection SKU: S83194
From $135.00
 Hosta Wrinkle in Time Hosta Wrinkle in Time SKU: S31646
From $19.95
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