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Hard-to-Find Perennials

Hard-to-Find Perennials

We take pride in offering our customers the broadest possible selection of perennials and are happy to feature a number of plants that are difficult, if not impossible, to find elsewhere. Some are out of fashion, others are exclusive to us. Others are simply too unusual to command shelf space at garden centers where inventory tends to be restricted to plants marketed directly to the retailer.

We select and grow the plants we love best based on decades of our own experience, and hope this will encourage you to plant them as well.

 Asclepias Gay Butterflies Mixture Asclepias Gay Butterflies Mixture SKU: S23980
From $32.95
 Campanula poscharskyana Blue Gown Campanula poscharskyana Blue Gown SKU: S25161
From $13.95
 Aquilegia Blue Butterflies Aquilegia Blue Butterflies SKU: S23328
From $12.95
 Astilbe Chocolate Shogun Astilbe Chocolate Shogun SKU: S24394
From $14.95
 Helleborus foetidus Helleborus foetidus SKU: S30725
From $16.95
 Digitalis Polkadot Pippa Digitalis Polkadot Pippa SKU: S27914
From $12.95
 Heliopsis h. var. scabra Asahi Heliopsis h. var. scabra Asahi SKU: S30671
From $14.95
 Lilium speciosum rubrum Lilium speciosum rubrum SKU: S381478
From $12.95
 Liatris ligulistylis Liatris ligulistylis SKU: S32947
From $14.95
 Hosta plantaginea Aphrodite Hosta plantaginea Aphrodite SKU: S31584
From $19.95
 Peony Lorelei Peony Lorelei SKU: F35384
From $99.00
 Peony Green Halo Peony Green Halo SKU: F35394
From $59.95
 Bletilla striata alba Bletilla striata alba SKU: S755203
 Iris Ancient Echoes Iris Ancient Echoes SKU: F32199
From $14.95
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