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4/6/2010 12:00

Contact: Margret
(860) 496-9624 x6220

(Not Including Tomatoes)

It's not all about tomatoes at White Flower Farm ( Their collection of edibles includes a wide variety of vegetables, herbs and fruits. Of course, tomatoes are the bestselling fruit, but there are many other very popular choices this spring. The gardeners at White Flower Farm have chosen their top fruit picks for your backyard or containers.

1) Blackberry Pair -- Two thornless Blackberries including 'Chester' and 'Triple Crown.' Chester's canes are very vigorous (to 8 feet) and produce plump, juicy berries in huge clusters. The flavor is sweet followed by just enough tartness to last until the next berry. 'Triple Crown' bears large, super-juicy fruit that ripens a bit earlier than 'Chester'. It's particularly excellent in preserves and desserts.

2) Table Grape Trio -- Three seedless grape varieties that have been chosen for their sweet, well-balanced fruity flavor. 'Canadice' produces medium-size clusters of light-red fruits that have just a hint of spice. They are great for wine or jello. 'Himrod' has medium-sized clusters of golden-amber fruits, which have a spicy, honey-like flavor. 'Eastern Concord' produces aromatic blue-black clusters later in the season.

3) Mara Des Bois Strawberries -- This modern French Strawberry produces fruit the size of acorns with a rich, sweet flavor that hints of vanilla. In full sun, hybrid 'Mara' bears heavily throughout the season and throws vigorous runners that make it especially productive for home gardens and containers.

4) Strawberry Patch -- Three varieties of strawberries to extend the crop from late spring through early summer. Excellent for freezing and making your own jams. 'Earliglow' bears first, 'Allstar' comes next, and 'Sparkle' closes the season.

5) Cherry 'Compact Stella' -- New this year, these delicious sweet cherries are large and almost black. This is a dwarf, self-fertile variety that begins bearing early. It's perfect for the backyard gardener because of its size, vigor, upright habit, and beautiful white flowers in early spring.

6) Apple Trio -- These semi-dwarf apple trees provide great eating apples in early fall, as well as lots of fruit for pies and cooking. 'Red Delicious', arguably America's favorite apple; its half-sister 'Fuji' (even sweeter than 'Red Delicious'); and 'Golden Delicious' make up the trio.

7) Calamondin Orange -- Perfect for container gardening, this hybrid is a cross between a tangerine and a kumquat. The small but plentiful fruit can be added to chutney, turned into marmalade, or used as a substitute for limes. Their zesty, tart juice is perfect for desserts and drinks. It's a popular houseplant for sunny rooms too.

8) Meyer Improved Lemon -- Another hybrid, this time between a lemon and an orange, which makes the fruit a little sweeter. The pretty white flowers give out an enticing perfume. Best for container or indoor gardening in plenty of sun.

9) Key Lime -- The juice gives a sparkling tang to pies as well as Mediterranean, Mexican and Asian recipes. It also spruces up any drink from ice-cold water to various cocktails. Mature plants produce fruit in August and September.

10) Raspberry Sampler -- Enjoy an extended season of red raspberries for fresh eating, desserts, jam or freezing with this collection. 'Prelude' is an early season summer berry that also repeats with a smaller crop of flavorful fruits in the fall. 'Encore' ripens in midseason, producing larger berries on sturdy, upright, and nearly spineless plants. 'Polana' guarantees a good crop even in northern gardens.

Save the Date -- From May 21-23, White Flower Farm will once again host Tomatomania™ and its originator, author and tomato enthusiast Scott Daigre. Don't miss the biggest tomato seedling sale on the East Coast and the chance to have all your questions about growing tomatoes answered by the experts. Shop for vegetable and herb plants, fertilizers, potting mix, supports, and everything else you need for your home garden.

Barb Pierson, the nursery manager at White Flower Farm, is available for interviews upon request, as are other experts.

Please contact: Deborah Broide,
Deborah Broide Publicity,
(973) 744-2030,

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White Flower Farm is a family-owned nursery located in northwest Connecticut. Since 1950, they have been gathering, evaluating, growing, and selling a wide range of annuals, perennials, shrubs, vines, bulbs, and houseplants representing the very best varieties from around the world. Plants shipped are true to name, free of disease, and in prime condition for growing. While in the area, stop by White Flower Farm with its five acres of display gardens, or visit, where you will also find helpful gardening information including a how-to video library. Join our E-mail list for gardening advice and tips, From the Farm monthly newsletter, announcement of events at the White Flower Farm Store, and special offers not in our catalogues or on our Web site. White Flower Farm -- we make your garden grow.

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