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Tulips provide a finishing touch that brings the spring garden to life. Hundreds of years of hybridizing and selection have produced great improvements—larger Tulip flowers and variation in color and form unrivaled in horticulture. Plant Tulip bulbs in the fall and they will reward you with a supply of fresh flowers close at hand in your own spring garden.

We offer a wide range of Tulip varieties, which you'll find grouped into categories below. To see the complete list, click here.

Please note that all Tulips are shipped for fall planting.

All Tulips All Tulips Here is our complete Tulip offering, which most years runs well over 100 varieties. Read more
Customer-Favorite Tulips Customer-Favorite Tulips Customer success is a critical component in our evaluation of all plants. Read more
Tulip Mixes & Collections Tulip Mixes & Collections For lots of color and interesting combinations of shapes and sizes, try our collections and mixes. Read more
Double-Flowered Tulips Double-Flowered Tulips These Tulip varieties have been bred to resemble the giant, ruffled blooms of double Peonies. Read more
Fringed Tulips Fringed Tulips Fringed Tulips have flower petals that are edged with finely cut fringes. Read more
Impression Tulips Impression Tulips This is a series of Tulips with similar heights, midseason bloom times, and good vigor. Read more
Lily-Flowered Tulips Lily-Flowered Tulips Lily-flowered Tulips are very distinctive and elegant. Read more
Perennial Tulips Perennial Tulips Botanically speaking, the Tulip is a perennial plant. Read more
Single Late Tulips Single Late Tulips Single Lates are sturdy, late-blooming varieties with large, smooth chalices on long stems. Read more
Triumph Tulips Triumph Tulips Triumph Tulips are crosses between early and late-blooming singles. Read more
Parrot Tulips Parrot Tulips Parrot Tulips have feathery-edged blooms in bright colors that are heavily frilled and scalloped. Read more
Featured Items
 Stretch Tulip Mixture Stretch Tulip Mixture SKU: F972200
From $35.00
 Tulip Angélique Tulip Angélique SKU: F211022
From $12.95
 Tulip Mount Tacoma Tulip Mount Tacoma SKU: F211052
From $13.95
 Tulip Blue Diamond Tulip Blue Diamond SKU: F211082
From $12.95
 Tulip Ronaldo Tulip Ronaldo SKU: F232704
From $11.95
 Tulip Barcelona Tulip Barcelona SKU: F232120
From $13.95
 Tulip Ballerina Tulip Ballerina SKU: F260202
From $12.95
 Tulip City of Vancouver Tulip City of Vancouver SKU: F255220
From $12.95
 Pastel Stretch Tulip Mixture Pastel Stretch Tulip Mixture SKU: F977201
From $35.00
 Tulip Apricot Parrot Tulip Apricot Parrot SKU: F210012
From $13.95
 Tulip Tom Pouce Tulip Tom Pouce SKU: F232800
From $12.95
 Tulip Verona Tulip Verona SKU: F221302
From $12.95
 Tulip World's Favourite Tulip World's Favourite SKU: F243602
From $12.95
 Tulip Pink Impression Tulip Pink Impression SKU: F242402
From $11.95
 Tulip Foxtrot Tulip Foxtrot SKU: F232735
From $12.95
 Tulip Spring Green Tulip Spring Green SKU: F280402
From $13.95
 Tulip Groenland Tulip Groenland SKU: F280102
From $12.95
 Tulip Orange Balloon Tulip Orange Balloon SKU: F242920
From $13.95
 Tulip Color by the Hundreds Pink Tulip Color by the Hundreds Pink SKU: F232745
From $59.00
 Tulip Black Parrot Tulip Black Parrot SKU: F210032
From $14.95
 Tulip Queen of Night Tulip Queen of Night SKU: F251702
From $11.95
 Tulip Foxy Foxtrot Tulip Foxy Foxtrot SKU: F232789
From $12.95
 Tulip Daydream Tulip Daydream SKU: F241002
From $12.95
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