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Tulip Mixes & Collections

Tulip Mixes & Collections

If you love lots of color and interesting combinations of shapes and sizes, our collections and mixes are a great introduction to the infinite possibilities in the world of Tulips. We have collections organized by color allowing you to coordinate a long-lasting display in your favorite hue. We also offer mixes by the type of Tulip, since each bulb in the mixture will bloom at about the same time. All our mixes and collections consist of top-grade, named Tulip varieties that are lovely in the garden and in bouquets.

 Stretch Tulip Mixture Stretch Tulip Mixture SKU: F972200
From $35.00
 Pastel Stretch Tulip Mixture Pastel Stretch Tulip Mixture SKU: F977201
From $35.00
 Impression Mixture of Tulips Impression Mixture of Tulips SKU: F977242
From $19.95
 French Single Late Tulip Mixture French Single Late Tulip Mixture SKU: F254200
From $19.95
 Rembrandt Tulip Mix Rembrandt Tulip Mix SKU: F232779
From $24.00
 Painter's Palette Tulip Mixture Painter's Palette Tulip Mixture SKU: F977198
From $24.00
 Early Surprise Tulip Mix Early Surprise Tulip Mix SKU: F232708
From $19.95
 Ambrosia Double Tulip Collection Ambrosia Double Tulip Collection SKU: F972218
From $24.00
 May Romance Tulip Collection May Romance Tulip Collection SKU: F977325
From $36.00
 Nuit Blanche Tulip Mixture Nuit Blanche Tulip Mixture SKU: F977209
From $21.00
 Growers Choice Tulip Mixture Growers Choice Tulip Mixture SKU: F236502
From $19.95
 The Corps de Ballet Tulip Mix The Corps de Ballet Tulip Mix SKU: F972212
From $19.95
 Beefeater Tulip Mixture Beefeater Tulip Mixture SKU: F291902
From $25.00
 Blue-Ribbon Stretch Mixture Blue-Ribbon Stretch Mixture SKU: F971158
From $49.00
 Color Rhapsody Color Rhapsody SKU: F970157
From $24.00
 Sunny Gems Sunny Gems SKU: F970156
From $19.95
 Citrus Twist Tulip Collection Citrus Twist Tulip Collection SKU: F972215
From $23.00
 Foxtrot Duo Tulip Collection Foxtrot Duo Tulip Collection SKU: F977197
From $24.00
 String of Pearls Tulip Collection String of Pearls Tulip Collection SKU: F977207
From $39.00
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