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Down on the Farm -- It's Neither Too Late, Nor Too Early
Tulips in May

Impervious to weather and deer, Daffodils become showier each year in your garden.
Impervious to weather and deer, Daffodils become showier each
year in your garden.

Add Tulip bulbs to your vegetable garden now for gorgeour cute flowers in spring.
Tulip bulbs to your vegetable
garden now for gorgeous cut
flowers in spring.

Amaryllis Mega Star®, one bulb in a two-toned metal cachepot
We're shipping South African
Amaryllis now, with Dutch
varieties to follow in November.

Country Stars Tabletop Tree
You'll find new decorated trees, wreaths, and garlands in our
holiday lineup.

Dear Gardening Friend,

Spring-flowering bulbs for fall planting are still available in abundant supply and can be delivered to meet precisely the planting schedule you may have in mind. While procrastination is not generally recommended here or elsewhere, fall gardeners have a MUCH longer season than is generally recognized because the soil cools down more slowly than the air. This means that perennials, shrubs, and especially bulbs can be safely and easily planted deep into the fall. You may need gloves or a knit hat as the last Daffodils go into the ground, but the bulbs will settle in happily and perform brilliantly next spring so long as they are planted before the first really hard freeze. When in doubt, and running late, you can buy a little extra time by covering your site with brush, leaves, compost, or even a tarp if a very cold night is in prospect.

To refresh your memory as to the pleasures to be had from this last hurrah of fall, please click here and take note of some of the delightful (and permanent) effects that can be achieved for the price of a take-out dinner that leaves you hungry an hour later. Then visit or call 800-503-9624 and let us know what you need, and when you need it.

Our new Holiday Gift catalogue will be arriving in homes about now, somewhat strung out in its delivery date this year due to the high volume of political campaign mailings. There is a strong case to be made that nothing can add to the tranquility of the holiday season like getting your shopping out of the way early. As always, we have a varied and colorful selection of holiday gifts built around our remarkable and unmatched offering of Amaryllis. As you probably know, these tropical bulbs produce huge, glossy, trumpet-shaped flowers in the dead of winter and are absolutely foolproof when prepared and potted by experts such as ourselves. Our premium-size bulbs are guaranteed to produce two stems, each with four flowers, which sets them very much apart from the normal commercial offering found elsewhere.

The balance of our gift presentation is equally distinctive; so whether your taste runs to fresh and tangy decorative greens and Christmas trees, or choice and unusual houseplants, or tree-ripe citrus fresh from the grove, or unique forcing bulb collections, it's impossible to go wrong when shopping here. Every gift will be delivered at the time of your choosing with detailed instructions, all supplies necessary for optimal performance, and your personal holiday greetings enclosed. Complete satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back. If you find it daunting to choose among this abundance, or can't anticipate the tastes or needs of a new friend or associate, we suggest a gift certificate. It offers countless options for self-indulgence for gardeners and non-gardeners alike, and includes an attractive discount from the face amount when purchased for someone other than yourself.

Customers may make use of a Personal Gift List to review the prior year's recipients and make appropriate adjustments (click here to sign in or create an account). You may enjoy turning the pages of our catalogue online or prefer to select various categories from drop-down menus on our home page. When you phone our customer service department at 800-503-9624, you will find knowledgeable, competent, and good-humored folks who are happy to help you fine-tune your choices. You may be surprised to find how pleasant it is to have most of your shopping done before Halloween, leaving the hands and mind free for higher pursuits.
  Tree Wisteris in their late-spring glory.  

Paeonia 'Festiva Maxima'
Click here to watch our
how-to video about planting
bareroot Peonies in fall.

'Becky' is a long-blooming Shasta Daisy whose stems refuse to flop.
'Becky' is a long-blooming
Shasta Daisy whose stems
refuse to flop.

The String of Pearls Tulip mix (five varieties, a dozen bulbs of each) graces a raised bed at our store.
The String of Pearls Tulip mix
(five varieties, a dozen bulbs of each) graces a raised bed at our store.

The summer drought effected trees, too. Fall foliage has been slower, but worth the wait.
The summer drought effected
trees, too. Fall foliage has been
but worth the wait.


The border adjoining our house has been a Moon Garden (meaning all white flowers and an emphasis on paler foliage) since 1947, and it is the planting that gave this nursery its name. We are on our third generation of white Wisteria standards, the first having been felled by wet snow and ice in 1966 and the second frozen to death by an 80-degree temperature drop (50F to minus 33F) on Christmas Eve, 1980. The contents of this garden have comprised an all-star team of great ornamental plants including, but not limited to Iris 'Great White Heron', Peony 'Festiva Maxima', Leucanthemum x superbum 'Becky', Lily 'Casa Blanca', and many others. We have spent countless early evenings watching the border light up as the sky grows dark, and taken plenty of late-night walks under full moons that don't rise above the adjoining maples until close to midnight. To say this garden is an old friend hardly captures the flavor of our experience. Click here to create your own Moon Garden.

With this history, it is hard to know how we, its nearest neighbors, and Cheryl Whalen, the gifted gardener who has been its curator for more than a decade, could both have concluded, independently, that the time has come for change. But that is what has happened. In our usual autumn discussion about next year, we were amazed to discover a shared craving for some color in this space and that we were both thinking of ways to bring blue into the design. From this starting point has flowed a torrent of creativity that will need a heavy dose of moderation before implementation begins. But we recommend that you take a long look at this photo of the Moon Garden at its peak this past June, for it shall not be seen again in this form. We are amazed at our own boldness.

Amos Pettingill

P.S. The White Flower Farm Store will be closing for the season at the end of October. Thanks to all of you who came by to shop, talk plants, ask questions, or enjoy the colorful display gardens. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

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