Antsy About Ants on Your Peonies? Have No Fear

“The Ant King Palace opens its carmine door: Peony in bloom.” ~Yosa Buson (1716-1784)* It doesn’t take a scholar of 18th-century Japanese haiku to know that Peonies and ants often go together. Some of us encountered ants crawling on the rounded buds of Peonies when we were little, when bugs were “cool.” (In fact, this plant-critter connection was so fascinating to one precocious youngster that she became an entomologist.**) More of us, alas, approach the subject having experienced struggles removing the insects from our kitchen countertops. The idea of ants inhabiting one of the showiest of all garden flowers may,…

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Month February 2016

The Store Gets a Makeover

Sometimes, we all need a little lift. When we closed the White Flower Farm Store for the season last November, it was clear it was time for a makeover. The dwarf conifer hedge was dwarf no more and was threatening…

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A Method to My Madness

By Cheryl Whalen, Head Gardener Gardening season in Connecticut begins in February. Outside my window, the ice-crusted snow still blankets the sleeping garden beds. Maybe it’s too early to garden in the earth, but at my desk, gardens are in…

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