Lessons from the Lloyd Border

When WWII veteran and Wye College horticulture graduate Christopher Lloyd returned home as a young man to Great Dixter, the 57-acre English estate where he and his five siblings had been raised, he began what would become decades of experimentation in garden design that would result in 15 books, countless columns and articles for magazines and newspapers, and a legacy of provocation and innovation that continues to exert tremendous influence on gardeners and designers all over the world. By building on structural plantings credited to architect Edwin Lutyens, and encouraged by Daisy, his aptly named, unconventional, wildflower-loving mother, Lloyd created…

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Month December 2017

Nepeta Walker's Low

How to Choose Plants

Like people, plants have specific needs that when met, allow them to develop to their full potential. Selecting plants whose cultural requirements suit the conditions of your garden is the best way to assure success and cut down on time…

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