Bring The Garden Indoors with Fragrant Houseplants

Almost everyone has experienced a moment when a certain scent – a freshly baked apple pie or the perfume worn by a favorite aunt – revives a memory and transports us to another place and time. The unique fragrances of many plants remain in our memory for a lifetime too.


Gardenias were very popular during the World War II era. A sweetly scented Gardenia corsage was considered the ultimate romantic gift and as a result, many war veterans still order the plants for their wives. Those vintage corsages may be passé now, but the Gardenia’s perfume and full-petaled white blooms are welcome outdoors in warmer climate gardens, and inside during the winter months.

Lavender 'Goodwin Creek Grey'
Lavender ‘Goodwin Creek Grey’

For centuries, the evocative scent of Lavender has been used to perfume the home, refresh the body, and rejuvenate the spirit. The herb is still a popular indoor favorite today – few people can resist touching the leaves or blossoms to release their soothing aroma. The flowers are easily dried for use in potpourri or sachets, preserving the scent for months.


The heady scent of Paperwhites can rekindle a variety of childhood memories. For many growing these bulbs in nothing more than water and stones was their first successful gardening project. In 2017, they remain a popular choice for forcing indoors as decoration and gifts – particularly during the holiday season. Gardeners of all ages still find them extremely easy to care for and fun to watch grow.

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