How to care for Ready to Bloom Tulip Baskets

Set the basket of Tulip bulbs in a sunny location outside. They will endure spring’s freezing and thawing temperatures, and precipitation, with minimal care. There is no need to fertilize. Water when the potting mix is dry to the touch. We recommend removing the pots from the basket before watering. Please note that the growth of the bulbs will be slower in colder temperatures and faster in warmer temperatures. Bulbs usually begin blooming 4-6 weeks after arrival.

What you do with your bulbs after they bloom depends on your climate and your inclinations. The bulbs can be planted outdoors if they are hardy in your area, but we have found that most Tulips do not rebloom reliably after being forced. If you choose to plant your Tulips in the ground, plant at a depth equivalent to about three times the bulb's height. Expect 2 or more years to pass before the bulbs will bloom again. We treat our forced Tulips as a one time show and generally compost after blooming. However, we know of customers who enjoy the process and don't mind the uncertainty of Tulips reblooming in future seasons.