How to Grow Dish Gardens

1. Unpack your package carefully and place all of the contents on a flat work surface.
2. If your dish garden kit arrives without additional potting mix or soil, simply leave your plants in their pots and arrange them in the large bowl. Follow the care instructions below and on our website.
3. If your dish garden kit contains potting mix, place the mix in a separate container, and add water until the mix is moist but not soggy.
3. Place the moistened mix in the planter until it is about 3⁄4 full and make holes in the soil for your plants.
4. Remove the plants from their pots and set them in the holes so that the tops of the plants are level with the surface of the mix.
5. Push soil around and just over the tops of the root balls and press lightly to firm the soil.
6. If your dish garden contains an Amaryllis bulb, fill in around the bulb with potting mix, adjusting the position of the bulb so that the top ⅓ of the bulb is exposed.

1. Take care not to overwater your dish garden. Water gently when the potting mix is dry 1" below the surface.
2. Place your plants indoors near an east or shaded west window where they will receive bright indirect light. A south-facing window is satisfactory if the plants are not against the glass. Please note: Amaryllis plants tend to be taller when grown under lower light conditions.