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Save 20% on Select Bird Items

Save 20% on Select Bird Items

As winter wears on, it’s a challenge for our backyard feathered friends to find food. To encourage you to help them, we’re offering 20% off on the bird favorites listed below. Hang a pair of Pine Cone Treats stuffed with seed mix outside your window, or drape our Birdseed Garland, made up of five 3-4” solid seed ornaments, in a tree. Your reward will be the grateful cheeps and chirps of feeding birds whose antics add color and life to winter days. The sale ends March 7, 2019, at 11:59 p.m. EST. To receive your discount, please use promo code BIRDS20 at checkout.

 Trio of Birdseed Cottages Trio of Birdseed Cottages SKU: X50125
 Birdseed Garland Birdseed Garland SKU: X50129
 Pine Cone Treats Pine Cone Treats SKU: X50127
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