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The Hellebores are blooming here in our greenhouses at White Flower Farm. It's a good time to talk about this reliable, evergreen shade plant for your garden.

You can see that there's many different flower forms -- we have single flowers, double flowers with spots and swirls of color. And this gorgeous 'Madame Lemonnier,' where the flowers are almost 4" across!

Hellebore flowers emerge in spring before their new leaves. In a warm climate, you'll see the flowers in early winter, but if you're in an area where the ground freezes solid, it will be late winter or early spring. It's so beautiful to see the flowers emerge from a snow-covered ground.

The best time to plant Hellebore are in early spring because they like the cool weather.  When you receive a Hellebore from White Flower Farm, you're going to receive it in a pot that looks similar to this. When you plant your Hellebore, you might want to wear gloves. Some people get a little bit of irritation from them, but the great thing is that deer and voles don't like to eat the foliage or the roots.  

Be sure to pick a part shade to shade location.  An ideal spot is near a deciduous tree - that way in the low light times of year like winter they still get some sun, but in the heat of the summer, the leaves will provide essential shade for your Hellebore. 

Hellebores thrive in moist but well-drained soil amended with plenty of compost.   Great companion plants for Hellebores are Pulmonaria, Ferns, Alchemilla, Hosta, Brunnera, and Corydalis. Plant them nearby, but not so close that they choke out your Hellebores, especially in the first year while they're establishing.   

Once planted, Hellebores require little care. During the first year, it's important to water during dry spells, and even on established plants, if you do have a long, hot, dry summer, it's important to give them supplemental water.  

Hellebores like soil that's slightly alkaline, so the first fall after planting, sprinkle lime around them if your soil is very acidic.

Hellebores make a great addition to a shade garden.  They're evergreen, easy care, and have gorgeous flower in early spring.

For more information on growing Hellebores, visit the White Flower Farm website.

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