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How to Grow Jasmine Indoors Transcript

Hi, I'm Barb Piearson, Nursery Manager at White Flower Farm in Litchfield, Connecticut. Today we're going to talk about jasminum polyanthum, better known as Winter Jasmine or Pink Jasmine. Jasmine  are known for incredible fragrance. They have beautiful pink buds that open white. The fragrance to me is like Lily-of-the-Valley with a little bit of Gardenia. When you have a few flowers opening you start smelling a light, sweet perfume. Once the whole plant opens, it fills the room with a beautiful fragrance.

Each plant is carefully packaged for shipping. As you're unpacking your box, be sure to look for the growing instructions inside. There are two cardboard inserts that you remove, carefully, from around the plant. On the side of the the insert are the growing instructions. Remove your Jasmine, and you can see here there's paper and tape, again, holding the soil in place, so take this off of the soil surface. A wire hanger is included in the box if you want to use your Jasmine as a hanging basket. There's three holes in the lip here that you can use to hang. I am going to set this aside, and show you the pop-up saucer. You can see on the bottom of the pot that the saucer is smooth. If you catch the lip of the saucer, you can work your way around, making sure that all the drainage holes are evident here - very important for Jasmine to have good drainage.

Your Jasmine will arrive with buds at various stages. You can see on this plant that there's some very tiny buds here, and then the pink buds on this side are a little bit larger. Keeping the plant cool will help the buds to expand, they'll keep their nice pink color, and they'll open slowly. Depending on where you put the plant, the buds will open over several weeks, many times if the plants are in very tight bud, it'll take even six to eight weeks for all the buds to open.

The most important part of jasmine care is to make sure you put it in a cool place. If you place your Jasmine near a heater or radiator - anywhere where there's a heat source - it will dry out too quickly.

Jasmine prefer a room that's between 50 and 60 degrees, and when you receive your Jasmine it'll have flower buds and they'll be all at different stages a development. If the room is too warm the flowers won't open, they'll dry up, so the best place is someplace with bright, indirect light without direct sun.

An easy way to water your Jasmine is to bring it over to the sink. Allow the water to come out the drainage holes at the bottom - that's really important and be sure not to overwater. The White Flower Farm grow fertilizer recommends for indoor plants to use one teaspoon per gallon of water every two weeks. Jasmine like a half-rate, so you're going to use a half a teaspoon per gallon of water, once a month. For more information on growing visit are gardening help section at


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