Growing Kale and Swiss Chard (Vegetables Plants)

Kale and Swiss Chard can be real eye-catchers in the vegetable or flower garden with their diverse leaf shapes and colors. Their outer leaves can be harvested for salads at 30 days, and plants are fully mature 50-60 days from transplant. Kale and Swiss Chard are good sources of Vitamins A and C.

Continuing Care

If rain is scarce, water your vegetable plants deeply and regularly (weekly, or more often in hot, dry weather). Mulch plants to keep the soil cool, weed free, and evenly moist.

Cut Kale’s young outer leaves for salads when they are 4–6″ long. When the leaves are larger, remove the center rib and cook like Spinach, or add to soups. Dry leaves can also be torn into pieces, tossed lightly with olive oil, and baked in an oven at 350°F until crispy (then sprinkle with salt to taste).

Cut Swiss Chard’s young leaves when 6–9″ long for use in salads. When the leaves are larger, use them to add color and great taste to soups and sautés. You can also steam the midribs as you would Asparagus.

When the weather cools at the end of summer, Kale's flavor becomes quite sweet and more complex. You can continue to harvest Kale and Swiss Chard leaves after the first light frosts of fall.