How to Repot Orchids

Repot your Orchid every other year or so.

1. After it blooms, remove the plant from the pot and gently shake the old bark from the roots. If you find dead roots (brown or dried out), either pinch them off with your fingers or cut them off with a sharp knife.

2. Repot in a container no more than 1 inch larger than the previous one, using a medium bark designed especially for Orchids.

3. Hold the stem in the center of the pot and fill the pot with premoistened bark, pressing it firmly around the roots with your fingers. The crown of the plant - the point where the stems meet the roots - should be level with or just below the surface of the bark. For Moth Orchids, the lowest leaf should just touch the surface of the bark. Water thoroughly after potting to settle the bark around the roots. If the plant is unable to hold itself upright, support with a bamboo stake and plant clip or twist tie.

Please note: Many Orchids produce fleshy, wormlike roots that have a tendency to push their way up through the surface of the bark. This is perfectly normal. There is no need to cover these roots with bark.

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