Plant Shrubs and Perennials For All-Season Color

Gardens change with the season, so it takes a bit of planning to have color from shrubs and perennials in the garden from spring to fall. Although planning for a sequence of bloom and continuing visual interest can be daunting, think of it as a great opportunity to get acquainted with a variety of new plants. These suggestions will get you started.

For each season, create one or two colorful centers of interest that include blooming shrubs, which give structure to borders. For balance, distribute plant groupings throughout the garden that will be attractive even when not in flower. Build compositions around long-lasting, reliable perennials like Peonies, Daylilies, and Hosta.

Start with spring bulbs, then tuck in Lilies and other summer blooming bulbs to enjoy later. Some spring perennials have dormant periods, so other plants can fill their spaces with summer color. Overplant Daffodils with Daylilies with our Collaboration collection, for example, or fill in the blanks with annuals. Think about getting a second season of interest from plants that have ornamental fall seed heads, such as Blackberry Lilies (Belamcanda).

Get extra color mileage from foliage, in summer as well as fall. Include shrubs with variegated or colorful leaves -- the variegated Pagoda Dogwood Golden Shadows(tm) and wine purple Physocarpus, and perennials like Heuchera and Hosta come to mind. Think about fall foliage color, too. Hakone Grass (Hakonechloa) and other perennials offer great fall color.