Quince Flowering Branches
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Quince Flowering Branches

Quince Flowering Branches

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Product Details

Product Details

The pink, fragrant flowers of Quince are a lovely prelude to spring when budded branches of this favorite garden shrub are forced indoors in late winter. Our grower ships freshly harvested flowering Quince branches directly to you.

  • We ship approximately 6-8 branches with each order
  • Branches measure approximately 2-3' long
  • Available January-February
Flowering Branches Care Instructions
To maximize your branches’ vase life, follow these simple instructions:
  • Remove any leaves from the base of the branches and cut off approximately 1” from the bottom of each stem with clippers, making sure to cut at an angle. 
  • Fill a sturdy, clean vase with about 3” of water and arrange the stems in the vase. 
  • Place your branches in a warm room with plenty of light if you want to speed up the opening of the buds. If you want to slow down their process, place in a cool room with no light.
  • Replace the water and recut the base of the stems every 4-5 days to aid in the opening of the flowers. 
  • Remove older flowers as they fade.  

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I had read the reviews of disappointing results with these but i have had nothing but great results with WFF products and I was SO hopeful that I could nurse these branches to full bloom as in the pictures. Unfortunately, I experienced what most reviewers have said ... healthy looking branches, followed directions on how to care for them, leaves emerge & and promising buds develop, and then everything fizzles right when buds form all over the branches and only a couple stray blossoms emerge. It is an expensive mistake.

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Quince forced branches

Winter here is a bit drab and rainy. When my quince branches arrived I was so excited to display them. I also bought the new pink vases to put them in . What a unique display they make on my dining room sideboard and my kitchen window. The are beautiful and I love them so much.

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So disappointed

I was delighted to see the beautiful flowering quince branches offered. I asked my husband to buy them for Valentine’s Day rather than flowers from a local florist. The branches arrived with many tight buds. I followed directions to trim the bottom of the branches and placed them in water. Only two buds near the bottom ever opened after a week. A few of the numerous buds higher up showed some promise but most remained hard brown buds.
Response from White Flower FarmWhite Flower Farm, 2 years ago (02/27/20 11:08AM)

I am so sorry to learn these branches did not bloom as expected and I apologize for the disappointment this caused. As all of our products are guaranteed I will be contacting you via email regarding compensation.

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What bloomed was exquisite, but...

I ordered 2 bunches of flowering quince branches to be a central focus of our Lunar New Year celebration. They arrived in fine condition, but I was concerned by how few buds seemed to be present. I resolved to be patient. Those buds that bloomed are exquisite. However, the blooms are very sparsely scattered on the branches. Nearly 1/2 of the branches have no blossoms or buds at all. Rather a high price to pay for bare branches.
Response from White Flower FarmWhite Flower Farm, 3 years ago (01/30/20 11:52AM)

I do apologize these branches did not bloom as fully as expected. As all of our products are guaranteed, I will be contacting you directly via email regarding compensation.

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