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All Shrubs & Vines

All Shrubs & Vines

As is true of perennials, the world of shrubs and vines includes tremendous diversity of color, size, and shape. Shrubs, which we casually define as those woody plants which lack a distinct trunk and the stature of a tree, generally require only well-drained soil and a site that receives at least a half-day of full sun (and some not even that). There are thousands of species and varieties of shrubs in widespread use, including flowering, foliage, and evergreen varieties, and you're certain to discover plenty among our offerings that will suit your particular needs.

Vines are (nearly always) climbing plants and are best used to add vertical accents to the garden. Most require support, and we offer several styles of handsome and durable structures that will do the trick. Clematis, Wisteria, Honeysuckle (Lonicera), and other flowering vines will all give your garden a literal lift.

Please note all shrubs and vines are shipped for spring planting.

 Rose Peachy Knock Out® Rose Peachy Knock Out® SKU: S66878
From $32.00
 Rose Olivia Rose Austin™ Rose Olivia Rose Austin™ SKU: S66808
From $36.00
 Rose Claire Austin™ Rose Claire Austin™ SKU: S66803
From $36.00
 Rose The Poet's Wife™ Rose The Poet's Wife™ SKU: S66809
From $36.00
 Rose Queen of Sweden™ Rose Queen of Sweden™ SKU: S66937
From $36.00
 Rose Easy Elegance® Music Box Rose Easy Elegance® Music Box SKU: S66806
From $32.00
 Rose Tranquility™ Rose Tranquility™ SKU: S66889
From $36.00
 Rose Tess Of The d'Urbervilles® Rose Tess Of The d'Urbervilles® SKU: S66813
From $36.00
 Rose Easy on the Eyes™ Rose Easy on the Eyes™ SKU: S66745
From $36.00
 Rose Ringo™ Rose Ringo™ SKU: S66672
From $19.95