Our Staff’s Favorite Tulips for Fall Planting

Here at the farm, we’re in the midst of planting a whole lot of Tulip bulbs for next spring’s displays. If you’ve ever found yourself a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number and variety of Tulips available for planting, we thought a few suggestions might help. We polled about a dozen members of our staff and asked them each to select a favorite. In our humble estimation, their choices could not be better. If you’re looking for a great Tulip or a selection of different ones to add to the spring show in your garden, you would be hard pressed to find better varieties than those highlighted here. You may rely on any of them to bring beauty, color, and joy to your spring garden. (If you wish to also enjoy your Tulips in vases indoors, make sure to plant extra for cutting.)

Tulip ‘Apricot Foxx’

“Tender tones of apricot, raspberry, and honey comingle in the blossoms of Tulip ‘Apricot Foxx.’ You can pair this beauty with almost any other spring bloomer, and it flatters every companion.”

Mary A., Product Information Manager

Tulip ‘Purissima Blonde’

“The variegated foliage stands out in the spring garden. The white blooms and colorful foliage pair well with yellow and white Daffodils. They bloom together in our area. They tend to be more perennial than other Tulips. For great companions try Daffodils ‘Merel’s Favourite’ and ‘Lemon Sailboat.’”

Cheryl D., Nursery Inventory and Merchandise Manager

Tulip ‘Blue Diamond’

“I’ve planted ‘Blue Diamond’ Tulips the last few years and they never fail to elicit excited comments when their double purple flowers are in full bloom. They add a touch of surprise to the garden and mix wonderfully with other pink or white Tulips.”

Tom B., Store Manager

Tulip ‘Prinses Irene’

“Each of these beautiful blossoms is like a painting, the warm orange petals variously flamed and feathered in purple. For an added surprise, the flowers are fragrant. They are stunning on their own or planted amid a sea of Muscari armeniacum and/or Anemone blanda ‘Blue Shades.’”

Deb H., Senior Copywriter

Tulip bakeri ‘Lilac Wonder’

“Small and quite delicate looking but solidly perennial for me – approaching the 10-year mark and still going strong.”

Eliot A. W., Owner, White Flower Farm

Tulip ‘Big Love’

“Tulip ‘Big Love’ is my favorite. It has elegant big blossoms with an exceptional coloration of deep reddish purple with white hearts. It brings back such wonderful memories of my Nonni’s Tulip garden!”

Michelle T., Customer Service Manager

Tulip ‘Finola’

“I love the play of pink, white, and pale green on each flower of Tulip ‘Finola,’ and those double blooms are so packed with petals!”

Liz Z., Director of e-Commerce

Tulip ‘Elsenburg’

“I love Parrot Tulip ‘Elsenburg’ because people can’t believe that, yes, that is a Tulip.”

Pam W., Customer Support Representative

Tulip ‘Orca’

“Striking double orange blossoms are sturdy in spring rains and very long lasting. Blends well with deep purple Tulips as well as yellow. Pink, too, if you’re looking for something bright and cheerful. Also beautiful when forced for early spring containers. A favorite of mine since discovering it a few years ago.”

Lorraine C., President, White Flower Farm

Turkish Tapestry – Species Tulip Mix

“I love the way Species Tulips retain their wild nature, opening with the sun and closing again when a cloud passes, often with different coloration inside – very entertaining. Refined linear foliage dries up and disappears without a fuss after blooms have faded, and plants often increase over the years.”

Karen B., Senior Horticultural Advisor

Tulip ‘Pink Impression’

“One of my favorites is Tulip ‘Pink Impression.’ This large Darwin is the classic lipstick pink, tall and gorgeous. It is perfect mixed with spring-flowering perennials and groundcovers.”

Barb P., Nursery Manager