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Favorite Holiday Decorations & Gifts Selected By Our Staff

Need a little help with your holiday shopping this year? Take some inspiration from our staff! We polled a variety of team members about their favorite holiday items, and the responses were just what we hoped – a representation of some of the best of our diverse inventory. Scroll below and enjoy seeing both longtime favorites and new finds singled out for their superior quality as decorations and gifts at holiday time. There is something for everyone! Check out our website for more.

Canella Berry & Cone Table Basket

“This basket rests on our coffee table, generously stuffed with highly scented fresh-cut greens, cones, and berries. It makes for the perfect Christmas morning – the Canella berries gleaming from the light of the fireplace as my two young sons open presents from Santa. Five stars from me!”

~Michaela P., Customer Service Representative

Picnic in Provence Bulb Collection

“Talk about making an impression and being the envy of family and friends! There was great fun watching the bulbs emerge, and then the real show of color exploded into cheerful and enchanting hues of spring. This bulb collection really brightens up a long winter’s day.”

~Tom B., Retail Store Manager

Amaryllis ‘Red Pearl’

“‘Red Pearl’ is absolutely the most velvety, deep red Amaryllis. Hands down my favorite.”

~Pam W., Customer Service Representative

Cretan Candle Lantern

“Whether outside for a summer or fall evening or indoors in the bay window on a winter night, I light a candle in my Cretan lantern throughout the year. It always provides a welcoming glow. A unique, handmade gift that many have enjoyed.”

~Mary A., Product Information Manager


“Jasmine (Jasminum polyanthum) is one of my favorite gifts to give (and receive) because it’s unusual, beautiful, and hard to find. The dark green, filigreed vine arrives covered in clusters of pinkish-white buds. They open into small white flowers that release an exotic scent reminiscent of warm, tropical places. In wintertime, it’s pure heaven.”

~Deb H., Senior Writer & Editor

Scandinavian-Style Christmas Tree Quartet

“Small but eye-catching. I love the contemporary yet timeless style. We’re using these charming trees as a centerpiece on our coffee table.”

~Teresa F., Art Director

Spiced Orange Wreath

“This wreath is my favorite holiday item offered this year. Orange is my favorite color, and I remember having an Orange stuffed in the toe of my stocking each year of my childhood.”

~Sheryl M., Customer Service Representative

Mini Orchid Quartet

“I just love Orchids, and nothing is better than sharing them as gifts at the holiday season. This quartet allows for just that. Perfect as teacher gifts and for friends and family, too! Moth Orchids are easy to care for and very cheerful during short winter days.”

~Lorraine C., President

Holly & Greens Runner

“This freshly assembled Noble Fir and Holly runner brings the holidays to your home. Love the enduring, rich evergreen fragrance.”

~Samantha F., Customer Service Representative

Paperwhite ‘Ariel’

“While the end result is spectacular, it’s the process of growing Paperwhites from bulbs to blooms that so endears them to me. The fragrant, slightly earlier-blossoming white trusses of ‘Ariel’ are heavenly. Seeing them develop from humble beginnings is a powerful reminder of the miraculous during this special season.”

~Erica A., Assistant Editor/Writer

Amaryllis ‘Cherry Nymph’

“I love Amaryllis ‘Cherry Nymph’ for sheer petal power. Those bright red double blooms keep coming, brightening up the winter days.”

~Liz Z., E-Commerce Director

Dianthus ‘Little Pink’ Trio

“These adorable Dianthus gift us with a sweet, spicy scent and pretty flowers that last for weeks. The plants come as a set of three, great for a presentation or for giving a couple away as gifts. Don’t forget to keep one for yourself!”

~Caitlin L., Customer Service Representative

Wildflowers Glass Night-Light

“This night-light is more colorful, beautiful, and different than any other I have ever seen. I’m very impressed by the description (on our website) about how the piece is made. The colors are stunning, and I bet they’re even more stunning when it’s lit up in a dark room.”

~Jodie T., Customer Service Representative

Clivia miniata

“This is the sturdiest, longest living flowering plant we sell. Its dark green, glossy foliage always looks great. It is very happy in clay and blooms when you least expect it. A great gift for the plant lover when you are looking for something just a little different.”

~Cheryl D., Nursery Inventory Manager/Buyer

Cape Primrose ‘Grape Ice’

“This cheerful Cape Primrose is the gift that keeps on giving. Perky purple flowers strikingly marked with delicate white throats, veins, and edges keep appearing for months if you remove spent blooms. I’m starting the holiday season by treating myself!”

~Karen B., Senior Horticultural Advisor, Customer Service

Our Staff’s Favorite Tulips for Fall Planting

Here at the farm, we’re in the midst of planting a whole lot of Tulip bulbs for next spring’s displays. If you’ve ever found yourself a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number and variety of Tulips available for planting, we thought a few suggestions might help. We polled about a dozen members of our staff and asked them each to select a favorite. In our humble estimation, their choices could not be better. If you’re looking for a great Tulip or a selection of different ones to add to the spring show in your garden, you would be hard pressed to find better varieties than those highlighted here. You may rely on any of them to bring beauty, color, and joy to your spring garden. (If you wish to also enjoy your Tulips in vases indoors, make sure to plant extra for cutting.)

Tulip ‘Apricot Foxx’

“Tender tones of apricot, raspberry, and honey comingle in the blossoms of Tulip ‘Apricot Foxx.’ You can pair this beauty with almost any other spring bloomer, and it flatters every companion.”

Mary A., Product Information Manager


Tulip ‘Purissima Blonde’

“The variegated foliage stands out in the spring garden. The white blooms and colorful foliage pair well with yellow and white Daffodils. They bloom together in our area. They tend to be more perennial than other Tulips. For great companions try Daffodils ‘Merel’s Favourite’ and ‘Lemon Sailboat.’”

Cheryl D., Nursery Inventory and Merchandise Manager

Tulip ‘Blue Diamond’

“I’ve planted ‘Blue Diamond’ Tulips the last few years and they never fail to elicit excited comments when their double purple flowers are in full bloom. They add a touch of surprise to the garden and mix wonderfully with other pink or white Tulips.”

Tom B., Store Manager

Tulip ‘Prinses Irene’

“Each of these beautiful blossoms is like a painting, the warm orange petals variously flamed and feathered in purple. For an added surprise, the flowers are fragrant. They are stunning on their own or planted amid a sea of Muscari armeniacum and/or Anemone blanda ‘Blue Shades.’”

Deb H., Senior Copywriter

Tulip bakeri ‘Lilac Wonder’

“Small and quite delicate looking but solidly perennial for me – approaching the 10-year mark and still going strong.”

Eliot A. W., Owner, White Flower Farm

Tulip ‘Big Love’

“Tulip ‘Big Love’ is my favorite. It has elegant big blossoms with an exceptional coloration of deep reddish purple with white hearts. It brings back such wonderful memories of my Nonni’s Tulip garden!”

Michelle T., Customer Service Manager

Tulip ‘Finola’

“I love the play of pink, white, and pale green on each flower of Tulip ‘Finola,’ and those double blooms are so packed with petals!”

Liz Z., Director of e-Commerce

Tulip ‘Elsenburg’

“I love Parrot Tulip ‘Elsenburg’ because people can’t believe that, yes, that is a Tulip.”

Pam W., Customer Support Representative

Tulip ‘Orca’

“Striking double orange blossoms are sturdy in spring rains and very long lasting. Blends well with deep purple Tulips as well as yellow. Pink, too, if you’re looking for something bright and cheerful. Also beautiful when forced for early spring containers. A favorite of mine since discovering it a few years ago.”

Lorraine C., President, White Flower Farm

Turkish Tapestry – Species Tulip Mix

“I love the way Species Tulips retain their wild nature, opening with the sun and closing again when a cloud passes, often with different coloration inside – very entertaining. Refined linear foliage dries up and disappears without a fuss after blooms have faded, and plants often increase over the years.”

Karen B., Senior Horticultural Advisor

Tulip ‘Pink Impression’

“One of my favorites is Tulip ‘Pink Impression.’ This large Darwin is the classic lipstick pink, tall and gorgeous. It is perfect mixed with spring-flowering perennials and groundcovers.”

Barb P., Nursery Manager

10 Favorites for Fall Planting

Staff at White Flower Farm Weigh In

With the promise of cooler months ahead (at least in our part of the world), it’s time to prepare for a major season in the gardening year. For a number of reasons, fall is an ideal time to add new plants to the garden. So, to get the wheelbarrow rolling, we’re sharing 10 top picks for fall planting that were chosen by staff members at White Flower Farm. Scroll below, and we hope you’ll be inspired by a diverse selection of bulbs, perennials, and shrubs that are beloved for a surplus of outstanding qualities. You may find a shared favorite, or you can continue to our website to identify your own top picks.

(1) Crocus tommasinianus

“Despite a healthy population of chipmunks, these Crocus bloom every year in early spring. They start out a dark purple and then turn lavender as they open. Plant them close together for a bouquet of Crocus that will grow over time. I can see why this heirloom Crocus has been a favorite since the mid-1800s!”
~Barb P., Nursery Manager

(2) Hydrangea serrata ‘Blue Billow’

“Graceful and dependable, ‘Blue Billow’ thrives in a slightly shady spot (sun, too) and delivers colorful blooms that get better every year. Combine it with large-leaved Hostas for a garden space full of texture and color. Pollinators also love it!”
~Rob S., Director of Horticulture

(3) Iris germanica ‘Petalpalooza’

“I got my start in gardening by weeding my mother’s patch of Tall Bearded Iris, so I have an affinity for this classic genus. If you’re looking for a ‘wow’ for the June garden, then you’ll find it in ‘Petalpalooza.’ Its ruffled, two-tone flowers will stop you in your tracks while adding a vertical accent to the garden. Autumn is a great time to plant Tall Bearded Iris, and with this reblooming variety you’re likely to get a repeat show every fall.”
~Tom B., Retail Store Manager

(4) Tulip ‘Ballerina’

“A beautiful standout from a White Flower Farm Tulip trial of over 100 varieties. The long petals of this Lily-flowered Tulip stand upright, and their color combination of tangerine with highlights of pink/magenta cannot be missed. With straight, tall stems (18-20”), this Tulip is very graceful and perfect for cutting. It has a sweet fragrance, too. Later-blooming and longer-lasting than most Tulips in our trials.”
~Mary A., Product Information Manager

(5) Syringa vulgaris ‘President Lincoln’

“A large, graceful plant with flowers on the blue/lavender end of the Lilac spectrum. It’s fast-growing but won’t flower to its potential for several years. The fragrance and color are well worth the wait.”
~Eliot A. W., Owner

(6) Allium christophii

“Showy, silvery amethyst globes, each comprised of up to 100 starburst florets, hover above early summer perennials like Lady’s Mantle and Geraniums. Cluster the bulbs between perennials to conceal ripening foliage and enjoy this deer-resistant pollinator magnet as a dried flower after bloom, in the garden or a vase.”
~Karen B., Senior Horticultural Advisor

(7) Geranium Rozanne®

“This Geranium is so versatile and requires no maintenance! Once it starts blooming, it doesn’t quit for the whole season, and that gorgeous purple color goes with everything.”
~Liz Z., E-Commerce Director

(8) Spiraea japonica Double Play® Candy Corn®

“The foliage color makes this small-scale shrub a standout for any garden. You notice it early in the season when the foliage emerges a bright red, a nice sign that spring is here! As the weather warms, the foliage changes to an orange shade with red tips. A great plant for season-long interest!”
~Ray H., Product Development Coordinator

(9) Leucojum aestivum ‘Gravetye Giant’

“I like this minor bulb because it’s unique. While it’s delicate, you can still see its snowy white blossoms from a distance.”
~Cheryl D., Nursery Inventory Manager/Buyer

(10) Echinacea purpurea ‘Magnus’

“This may have been the first plant I ever picked out for my garden, and every year I love it more. While I was initially drawn to the reddish-pink color of the flowers, I now treasure it for the molasses-colored cones that attract and support a diverse array of pollinators over a long season. I love to watch the bumblebees, honey bees, and Monarch butterflies feeding in summer, and in fall, it’s a delight to see goldfinches balancing atop the cones, feasting at the seeds. Plants spread slowly to form generous clusters. Mine pop up like bouquets amid Ornamental Grass Calamagrostis ‘Karl Foerster,’ Chelone ‘Hot Lips,’ Amsonia hubrichtii, and Pycnanthemum tenuifolium (Slender Mountain Mint). The tall stems supporting these flowers make ‘Magnus’ easy to cut for meadow-style bouquets, but I prefer to keep the flowers in the garden where they support the lives of so many small but significant visitors.”
~Deb H., Senior Writer

White Flower Farm’s Moms & Daughters Choose Their Favorite Mother’s Day Gifts

Wondering what to get your Mom this Mother’s Day? To help you select a great gift from White Flower Farm, we asked a handful of our female colleagues, all of whom happen to be Moms, to choose their favorite gift from our wide array of garden plants, houseplants, garden accessories, gift sets, bouquets and more. Here are their choices, which might help you with your own.

Rough & Ready Garden Clogs

I gave my Mom a pair of the Rough and Ready Clogs for Easter. She loves the spring pattern, and said they are very comfortable. She wears them around the house, loves the airy feel of a slip on after all winter in boots or shoes. They’re waterproof and good traction so she can wear them to get the mail and check on her garden. Yes- I want a pair! – Mary A

Coleus Confetti Classic Collection

I have lots of partial shade, so this collection gives great color all summer long in my back yard. The colors and textures create a stunning combination. – Cheryl D

Flora & Fauna Trowel and Secateurs Set

With the gardening season in full spring, the best gift to give or receive would be any of the Flora & Fauna gardening accessories. I love that the colors, and patterns are trendy, yet the products are practical for your basic gardening and everyday needs. – Shantelle B

Morning Light Bouquet

When our staff put together this bouquet, I knew it was exactly what I wanted for Mother’s Day. I was drawn by the pastel colors and their quiet radiance. The gray-blue leaves of the Eucalyptus help create a silhouette that’s airy and light. – Jan C

Lavender Lover’s Basket of Treasures

As a working Mom, I know a thing or two about stress. One thing that always calms me down is the natural fragrance of Lavender. That’s why my favorite gift for Mother’s Day is the Lavender Lover’s Basket of Treasures. It’s a beautiful collection that includes a Linnea’s Lights® candle, a triple-milled bath-size botanical soap with a nail brush, moisturizing hand cream, a sachet, and a bundle of dried Lavender. The bud vase is a beautiful way to display and enjoy the Lavender flowers you cut from your own garden. I hope my husband and kids are reading this . . . – Nikki F

Iris ‘Caprician Butterfly’

The Japanese Iris, ‘Caprician Butterfly,’ is one of the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen. It’s romantic and exotic and bold. From far away the flowers appear purple, but as you get closer it’s revealed that the petals are actually white with thin purple lines running through them.   Mother Nature outdid herself on this one and every mother, including myself, would appreciate a ‘Caprician Butterfly.’ – Mary V

Hand-Painted Hummingbird Feeder

With the return of hummingbirds in May, this makes an ideal Mother’s Day gift. It’s an attractive garden ornament that provides hours of enjoyment all season long. – Ann T

Gossamer Bouquet 

Each year I give my mom a bouquet from White Flower Farm and I always get an exuberant phone call and a beautiful photo of the bouquet. This year, I am excited to give her the Gossamer bouquet. I know she will love it. – Liz Z

Tree Peony “Kamata Fuji’

Any Mom who is a gardener will fall in love with this Tree Peony. These shrubs are so easy and undemanding, and they have so much to give. Plant them in a site with full or part-sun and well-drained, evenly moist soil. Allow them the first season to settle in. The blossom count will rise gradually each spring. Mature plants can produce up to 50 flowers. ‘Kamata Fuji’ sends up semidouble lavender blooms with ruffled petals and golden centers. This garden treasure is a special treat for Mom, and she’ll be reminded of your gift when the gorgeous flowers return each spring. – Deb H