12 Top Picks for the Holidays

Every year we ask our staff to weigh in about their favorite holiday items for decorating and gifting. If you’re looking for some fresh ideas for your shopping list, this is a great place to start!

Pink Azalea Topiary

“I’m lucky to have a greenhouse window over my kitchen sink, where this Azalea topiary delightfully takes the drudgery out of scrubbing pots and pans. It is simply breathtaking. I love how this beautiful plant displays vibrant flowers over a long time and remains lovely even when the last flower has faded.”

-Karen B., Senior Horticultural Advisor, Customer Service

Winter Citrus Wreath

“Citrus-hued evergreens, unusual botanical accents, and a dark green velvet ribbon are orchestrated so tastefully in this wreath by Rhode Island floral designer Semia Dunne. The unique color palette and loose, almost wild style satisfy my every longing for an original work of art to display on my front door.”

-Erica A., Assistant Editor/Writer

Mahogany Leaf Tabletop Tree

“This tabletop tree is festive and fun (it has gold sparkles on the leaves!), but it’s still elegant and simple. A real statement piece. The preserved leaves can be enjoyed for seasons to come. Simply store it away and bring it out again next year.”

-Andrea D., Merchandise Manager

Amaryllis ‘Spartacus’

“Amaryllis ‘Spartacus’ is a definite showstopper! This red-and-white superhero is as big and strong as the name implies. Simply radiant. I absolutely adore him!”

-Cheryl W., Head Gardener

Trio of Birdseed Cottages

“I love this threesome of birdseed cottages! The designs are so cute, and you can hang them all in one spot or spread them around your yard. I can’t wait to see the diversity of birds and their antics as they discover and devour these tasty treats.”

-Liz Z., E-Commerce Director

Winterberry Stems

“In past seasons I’ve combined these bright red Winterberry stems with different colors and textures of evergreen boughs for an ‘out of the box arrangement.’ They have brightened our holiday décor and entryway while being the envy of family and friends.”

-Tom B., Retail Store Manager

Radiant Solar Globe Lantern

“Each of my kids hung one of these in the backyard on a separate tree. All summer long we enjoyed the patterned glow at night from the patio and looking out from the house. After my children returned to school in fall, each lantern continues to remind me of them. My top choice for gifting to family and friends.”

-Mary A., Product Information Manager

Rustic Antler Vase

“I love this item as a centerpiece for the holidays because it offers plenty of versatility. I can fill it with candles, Christmas candy, or fresh evergreens and berry branches!”

-Samantha F., Customer Service Representative

Lavender ‘Goodwin Creek Grey’

“Last year, I gave several friends this beautiful, fragrant Lavender plant, and I wish I could show you how their faces lit up at the sight of these gifts and how each leaned in to savor the scent of the flowers and foliage. No green thumb is necessary to succeed with these bestsellers, which require only a sunny spot and regular water.”

-Deb H., Senior Writer

Artisan-Made Hanging Bells

“I love how these bells are a very classic, traditional decoration but also sophisticated and modern in the gold colorway. I definitely want to hang them on my front door!”

-Jill H., Hard Goods Coordinator

Spring Sonata Bulb Collection

“I love to give this blend of purple Tulips and Hyacinths and two types of Grape Hyacinths. It generally flowers in just the way you see it in our photos, with all the blossoms bursting into bloom at the same time. The colors make you stop and look, and the fragrance provides a terrific preview of spring.”

-Ray H., Product Development Coordinator

Hand-Carved Holiday Trees

“These unique trees are not only perfect for the holiday season, but I love how they can be left out year-round. They can make any room feel like you are in a rustic cabin.”

-Amanda N., Customer Service Representative