Growing Bracteantha

Latin Name Pronunciation: brak-tee an' thuh

Bracteantha is also know by the genus names Xerochrysum (zeh-ro-kry' sum) and Helichrysum (heh-lih-kry' sum). It is short-lived tender perennial that is native to Australia and grown here as an annual. It flowers from late spring until frost. Its common name of Strawflower—or Everlasting Flower—is in reference to its petal-like bracts that have a straw-like texture. Plant in full sun and average to dry, well-drained soil. Once established, plants tolerate heat, humidity, and drought. Plants can be pinched when young to promote more branching and more flowering, and deadheading will cause the plant to keep producing flowers. Makes a good, long-lasting cut flower and flowers are superb for cutting and drying, often commercially grown for this purpose (if you do plan on drying them, cut them when the orange centers are just visible but not fully revealed. The blossoms will continue to open as they dry. Hang the flowers upside down for a few days until the stems are firm and dry.) Plants self-seed in frost-free climates but most cultivars will not come true from seed. Taller varieties may need staking. No serious insect or disease problems. Deer resistant. Perennial in Zones 8-10.

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