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Garden Tools

Garden Tools

We believe that there's one right garden tool for every job, and that money is well spent to have it.

Gadgets don't interest us, and we cannot abide cheap gardening tools—they always cost more in the long run. After spending decades testing tools both at the nursery and in our private gardens, we keep coming back to the essentials featured here.

All Garden Tools All Garden Tools In decades of gardening at the farm, we’ve learned there is no substitute for finely crafted gear. Read more
Sneeboer Tools Sneeboer Tools The Sneeboer line of tools is a particular favorite of ours. Read more
Snips & Scissors Snips & Scissors Don’t underestimate the value of the perfect cutting tool for your gardens. Read more
Trowels & Shovels Trowels & Shovels We offer an array of sturdy trowels and shovels for any garden task. Read more
Tools for Bulb Planting Tools for Bulb Planting Tools to make fall bulb planting easier. Read more
Weeding Tools Weeding Tools We offer an array of top quality tools designed to help eradicate weeds of various types in a variety of locations. Read more

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