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Containers by Size

Containers by Size

Here you’ll find all of our containers organized by size to help you find the perfect pot or planter.

Small Containers & Planters Small Containers & Planters Here you’ll find containers and planters up to 8" in diameter. Read more
Medium Containers & Planters Medium Containers & Planters Here you’ll find containers and planters up to 15" in diameter. Read more
Large Containers & Planters Large Containers & Planters Here you’ll find containers and planters up to 16"+ in diameter. Read more
Sets of Containers Sets of Containers Looking to coordinate your pots and planters? Here you’ll find all of our matching sets. Read more

Featured Items

 Double Piecrust Pot Double Piecrust Pot SKU: X59110
 Barnsley Bowl, small Barnsley Bowl, small SKU: X58981
 Wrenthorpe Pancheon Wrenthorpe Pancheon SKU: X59082
 Pendu Pot and Saucer Pendu Pot and Saucer SKU: S57195
 Makossa Cachepot Makossa Cachepot SKU: S59406
 Neptune cachepot Neptune cachepot SKU: S59402
 Neptune Bowl Neptune Bowl SKU: X59399
 Casablanca Pot Casablanca Pot SKU: S59398
 Cretan Pot Idomeneas Cretan Pot Idomeneas SKU: S59088
 Cretan Pot Konstantina Cretan Pot Konstantina SKU: S59091
 Cretan Pot Ikaros Cretan Pot Ikaros SKU: S59089
 Cretan Pot Barrel Glastra Cretan Pot Barrel Glastra SKU: S59092
 Cretan Pot Glastra Cretan Pot Glastra SKU: S58771
 Norwich Urn Norwich Urn SKU: S58718
 Milano Octagon Planter Milano Octagon Planter SKU: S56017
 Lattice Square Pot Lattice Square Pot SKU: S58529
 Milano Classic Planter Milano Classic Planter SKU: S58728
 Whichford Poppy Pot Whichford Poppy Pot SKU: X59553
 Milano Tapered Planter Milano Tapered Planter SKU: S58729
 Albani Urn, natural Albani Urn, natural SKU: S58749
 Milano Contemporary Planter Milano Contemporary Planter SKU: S56018
 Etna Urn Etna Urn SKU: S56019
 The Winter's Tale Pot The Winter's Tale Pot SKU: S59538
 Positano Planter Positano Planter SKU: S58528
 Milano Urn Milano Urn SKU: S58731
 Milano Basket Weave Planter Milano Basket Weave Planter SKU: S56016