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Lupines are beautiful, distinctive plants that light up the garden with brightly colored flower spikes in early summer. They are stunning planted in bold groups or in drifts with Iris, Allium, and other sun-loving perennials. Choose from our selection of favorite Lupine varieties that hail from England, and enjoy their showstopping displays in your beds and borders.

 Lupinus Russell Hybrids Lupinus Russell Hybrids SKU: S33446
From $43.00
 Lupinus 'Manhattan Lights' Lupinus 'Manhattan Lights' SKU: S33429
From $18.95
 Lupinus 'Masterpiece' Lupinus 'Masterpiece' SKU: S33457
From $18.95
 Lupinus 'The Governor' Lupinus 'The Governor' SKU: S33424
From $14.95
 Lupinus 'Chandelier' Lupinus 'Chandelier' SKU: S33420
From $14.95
 Lupinus perennis Lupinus perennis SKU: S33419
From $14.95
 Lupinus 'Towering Inferno' Lupinus 'Towering Inferno' SKU: S33458
From $18.95
 Lupinus 'Tequila Flame' Lupinus 'Tequila Flame' SKU: S33461
From $18.95