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This is a familiar genus of evergreen and deciduous shrubs that have handsome foliage, winter hardiness, and lots of flowers. These lovely shrubs look terrific in a mixed border or foundation planting. Rhododendrons thrive in full sun or partial shade (required in the South) and evenly moist, acid soil.
 Rhododendron 'Jane Grant' Rhododendron 'Jane Grant' SKU: S66615
From $40.00
 Azalea 'Northern Hi-Lights' Azalea 'Northern Hi-Lights' SKU: S66613
From $32.00
 Azalea 'Gibraltar' Azalea 'Gibraltar' SKU: S66623
From $32.00
 Rhododendron 'Florence Parks' Rhododendron 'Florence Parks' SKU: S66632
From $32.00
 Azalea 'Satan' Azalea 'Satan' SKU: S66593
From $32.00
 Azalea 'Cecile' Azalea 'Cecile' SKU: S66591
From $32.00
 Azalea 'Marie Hoffman' Azalea 'Marie Hoffman' SKU: S66627
From $32.00
 Azalea 'White Swan' Azalea 'White Swan' SKU: S66592
From $32.00
 Azalea 'Brazil' Azalea 'Brazil' SKU: S66590
From $32.00
 Rhododendron 'Jenny Tabol' Rhododendron 'Jenny Tabol' SKU: S66633
From $36.00