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Growing Tomatoes in Containers

Growing Tomatoes in Containers

Not so long ago, you needed a sizable backyard vegetable garden for growing Tomatoes. Now, thanks to compact, highly productive varieties, anyone with a container and a modestly sized sunny spot can grow and harvest their own fresh Tomatoes straight from the vine. Condo or apartment balconies, patios, and even front steps and porches can be transformed into highly productive Tomato "gardens."

We offer a select number of Tomatoes that have performed beautifully for us in containers. The majority are determinate plants (meaning their growth tops out around 3’ to 4’). Included in our selection are compact trailing varieties that can be grown in hanging baskets and smaller pots. Simply choose your favorites from the varieties shown below, pot them up in spring, water them regularly, and add fertilizer from time to time. By mid to late summer, you’ll be harvesting a bounty of your own delicious, fresh-picked Tomatoes.

Browse our containers, supports, and other essential Tomato growing supplies that will help your plants produce an abundant harvest.

We apologize but due to agricultural restrictions we cannot ship Tomatoes to Georgia, Maryland, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina or Texas.

 Pot of 'Sungold' Tomato Collection Pot of 'Sungold' Tomato Collection SKU: S82931
From $49.00
 Tomato 'Sungold' Tomato 'Sungold' SKU: S4888
From $7.95
 Tomato 'Iron Lady' Tomato 'Iron Lady' SKU: S3711
From $7.95
 Tomato 'Celebrity' Tomato 'Celebrity' SKU: S4903
From $7.95
 Tomato 'Jaune Flamme' Tomato 'Jaune Flamme' SKU: S4863
From $7.95
 Tomato 'Husky Red' Tomato 'Husky Red' SKU: S5000
From $7.95
 Tomato 'Siberian' Tomato 'Siberian' SKU: S4937
From $7.95
 Tomato 'Carmello' Tomato 'Carmello' SKU: S4860
From $7.95
 Tomato 'Better Boy' Tomato 'Better Boy' SKU: S4964
From $7.95
 Tomato 'Early Girl' Tomato 'Early Girl' SKU: S4982
From $7.95
 Fiber Garden Pot Fiber Garden Pot SKU: S55840