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Trumpet Daffodils

Trumpet Daffodils

Trumpet Daffodils have cups as long as or longer than their petals.This early-blooming variety is also the best Daffodil bulb for planting in borders—each offers a sign of spring with a single big, bold flower per stem. They multiply freely and are excellent for naturalizing.
 Spring Trumpet Daffodil Mix Spring Trumpet Daffodil Mix SKU: F113600
From $32.00
 Narcissus 'Arkle' Narcissus 'Arkle' SKU: F111553
From $19.00
 Narcissus 'Queen Beatrix' Narcissus 'Queen Beatrix' SKU: F111615
$17.00 $13.60
 Narcissus 'Say Cheese' Narcissus 'Say Cheese' SKU: F111650
$19.00 $15.20
 Narcissus 'Roundita' Narcissus 'Roundita' SKU: F113122
$19.00 $15.20
 White Trumpet Solo Daffodil Mix White Trumpet Solo Daffodil Mix SKU: F111574
From $35.00
 Narcissus 'Cornish King' Narcissus 'Cornish King' SKU: F113110
From $19.00