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Anyone who has ever grown a Dahlia knows it can be the start of a magnificent obsession. The range of colors, forms, and sizes, and the beauty and vibrancy these flowers bring to the late summer and autumn garden, makes them absolutely irresistible. We are delighted to be featuring our broadest-ever array of these treasures for delivery in spring of 2021. Most of the tubers we offer are grown and harvested in the Netherlands, but for the first time, we’re pleased to say our lineup includes select varieties from an American grower. Debra Kaye owns and operates 38-acre Bear Creek Farm in upstate New York. Please note: Our Dahlias are shipped as tubers. Most varieties provided by our Dutch growers will be shipped to you in the form of a tuberous bunch, the majority resembling a few fingerling potatoes attached at one end. Smaller Dahlia growers including Bear Creek Farm tend to ship single tubers, which resemble a solitary fingerling potato. In either form, all the Dahlias we offer produce sturdy plants and plenty of spectacular blooms.

Please note: Our Dahlias begin shipping in Spring 2021.

All Dahlias All Dahlias This tropical genus brings the mid-to-late-season garden a never-ending succession of flowers. Read more
Bear Creek Farm Dahlias Bear Creek Farm Dahlias We at White Flower Farm are delighted to be working with the proprietor of an American farm that specializes in growing Dahlias Read more
Dahlia Growing Supplies Dahlia Growing Supplies Growing Dahlias is both a passion, and for some of us, an addiction. Read more
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