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Whether you grow herbs in a few containers, a raised bed, or a garden patch, choosing which varieties to plant is always part of the fun. To help you make selections, we’re offering a broad array of tasty options—from Basils and Mints to varieties that are superb for making herbal teas. In addition to providing delectable fragrances and flavors, they also make handsome companion plants for vegetables and flowers.
Sold Out:  Flat-leaf Parsley Flat-leaf Parsley SKU: S4663
From $8.95
Sold Out:  French Tarragon French Tarragon SKU: S4670
From $15.95
Sold Out:  Chives Geisha Chives Geisha SKU: S5100
From $10.95
Sold Out:  French Thyme French Thyme SKU: S4676
From $8.95
Sold Out:  Basil 'Sweet Thai' Basil 'Sweet Thai' SKU: S4597
From $8.95
Sold Out:  Basil 'Caesar' Basil 'Caesar' SKU: S4772
From $8.95
Sold Out:  Lemon Verbena Lemon Verbena SKU: S4155
From $14.95
Sold Out:  Bronze Fennel Bronze Fennel SKU: S29175
From $8.95
Sold Out:  Lemon Grass Lemon Grass SKU: S4610
From $15.95
Sold Out:  Peppermint Peppermint SKU: S4662
From $14.95
Sold Out:  Chives Chives SKU: S4665
From $8.95
Sold Out:  Mint, Mojito Mint, Mojito SKU: S5415
From $13.95
Sold Out:  Beginner's Herb Garden Beginner's Herb Garden SKU: S82947
From $69.00
Sold Out:  Culinary Herb Garden Culinary Herb Garden SKU: S82952
From $95.00