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Dahlias for Pots & Containers

Dahlias for Pots & Containers

Many Dahlia varieties grow too tall for containers but a select group are ideally sized for patio pots. Be sure to use a container at least 16” in diameter x 12” deep. Dahlia tubers and roots need room to spread. Keep in mind that Dahlias planted out as tubers will take some time to settle in, shake off their dormancy, and grow. Flowering won’t start until later in the season so be sure to add other attractions to your container.

Alternately, you may accelerate Dahlia blossom time by prepotting tubers indoors in early spring. Use lightweight plastic pots large enough to hold the tubers. (Complete tuber-potting instructions may be found here.) When the spring weather settles and warms, gently transplant your Dahlia plants into outdoor containers. Scroll below to find an array of the Dahlia varieties we recommend for patio pots and containers.